My December Hair Care Regimen

Hair care routines are a basis for a solid hair care regimen. I share more on the differences between the two as well as some routines you can incorporate into your hair regimen here: Hair Routines to Incorporate Into Your Hair Regimen. Below you’ll find my December winter hair regimen.

december winter hair regimen

Introduction to The Simplified Hair Regimen

If you’re new here then let me introduce you to simplified hair routines (that build the regimen). If you’ve been following this blog since January of 2021, you can skip this section.

Because I hate wasting money on tons of hair products AND I wanted to really hone in on what my hair actually likes, I decided to scale back on what I used and what I did to my hair.

With a goal of retaining more length in addition to those reasons, the Simplified Hair Regimen was born.

The Benefits

This method of hair care has a number of benefits for your hair and your bank account or wallet. They include (but certainly aren’t limited) to:

  • Finally, discovering the hair products your hair actually loves
  • Saving lots of money because you are first using up what you have
  • Retaining much more length

Faith Based Hair Care

I also like to include God in my hair care as it’s an aspect of my life that’s also important to me. To do that, I focus on a specific scripture for each month to help me keep God’s promise before me.

For more details, please readA Faith Based Look at Hair Care

Scripture for December

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself…Matthew 6:34

This scripture is very eye opening. Sometimes we want things so badly that we obsess over them. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted waist length hair. I was getting very impatient.

Yet, this verse of scripture let’s me know that I shouldn’t be obsessing over what’s going to happen tomorrow. If it’s God’s will for my hair to grow that long it will. All I need to do is take care of what He gave me.

December Winter Hair Regimen Plans

Now, let’s review the hair products and routines I’m doing for my December winter hair regimen.

For the month of December, I’m washing my hair weekly but I may push it to 2 weeks since December is a little more of a social month for me.

On Saturday or Sunday I follow the routine below. The routine for wash day very rarely changes. What changes is how I style my hair and the products used. The only exception is how I seal in the moisture. I do a bit more when the weather is cold like it is in December:

  • Pre-poo
  • Cleanse
  • Deep condition
  • Rinse
  • Apply oil to my scalp and massage in
  • Seal the moisture into my hair using the LOCB method (Liquid- which is water, Oil, Cream-which is the leave in conditioner and a Butter- I’m loving this Aloe Vera Butter:
  • Seal with ends with a heavy sealant before moving on to style

Hair Products and Tracker

What I have been doing throughout 2021 is, each month mapping out my hair care plans for the month on a monthly hair plan worksheet. I use the faith based version but there’s also a version without a place to note a scripture.

These work sheets will help you to be more productive with your hair care.

If you’re interested in starting your own simplified hair care plan, here are links to both the faith based and original simplified hair routine trackers:

Faith Based Monthly Simplified Hair Plan

Original Monthly Simplified Hair Plan

December Hairstyle

For the month of December, I’ll be keeping my hair in bantu knots. They are very low manipulation and while I do need to take the side one down for me to sleep at night, they are very good at helping me keep my hands out of my hair for most of the time.

I’m currently working from home and rarely go out now that the weather is cold. So, bantu knots are a perfect hairstyle for me.

If you want to use one or more of the hair products that I’m using, there are links to each below. However, you may use whatever hair products you like. Just be consistent.

Some of these are affiliate links so I will receive a small commission from the referral. (Thank you in advance):

Hair Products for my December Winter Hair Regimen

As I Am Jamaican Black Cast...Shop on Amazon

During the week I’m trying to NOT touch my hair except once or twice to do my scalp massages and reset my style on those days.

2022 Hair Plans

Now that we are closing up another year it’s time to start putting into action plans for the new year.

I still plan to keep my hair care routines very minimal. Herbal hair care is at the heart of everything I do. However, in 2022, I plan to try a few different herbal mixtures to see how my hair responds.

hair routine versus hair regimen

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