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God is not a respecter of persons

Have you ever wondered if God would answer your prayers?

I mean, you know He’s capable. He can do anything but “Will He do it for me?” you wonder.

That’s not an uncommon thought among believers and non-believers alike. It’s human nature to respond with doubt initially. But…

As you get to know God more through His Word and through your personal experiences with Him, you come to realize that God is a “man of His Word.” If He said it, He will bring it to pass. And, if He did it for one, He’ll do it for you. That’s what the Bible tells us.

[tweetthis]For God shows no partiality. Romans 2:11[/tweetthis]

There are a number of ways to find out if God has ever done something for someone else.

His Word

All throughout the Bible, you’ll find instances where God has done things for His people including:

  • Providing for needs
  • Healing sick bodies
  • Rescuing people from despair

Look Around

You may not read about testimonies of God doing the miraculous for people in the newspapers or on the televsion but it does happen. Just speaking wtih people (especially those in the church), you’ll come to discover that God has His hands in the life of people. He will move heaven and earth to do for the man or the woman who will dare to believe Him.

Here’s the kicker though. Even if you don’t find someone on the earth (highly doubtful) whom God has done something for in their lives that’s similar to what you are seeking for Him to do in yours, you have His promises and God honors His Word.

There are many scriptures that you will find in the Bible that talk about specific needs having been met by the redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ but even if you don’t look up every one, you have this:

“…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

When you submit to God’s will as it is in heaven, you realize that there’s no sickness in heaven. There’s no disease in heaven. There’s no lack in heaven. There’s no death in heaven.

Whatever is going on in heaven is God’s will and it’s all good so trust for God’s will be to done on earth as it’s being done in the heavens….Prosperity, Peace, Health, and so much more.

If He did it for one…

Scripture Food for Though:

Psalm 145:9 The LORD is good to all, And His mercies are over all His works. 


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