Henna Sooq’s 6 Week Herbal Hair Regimen

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Henna Sooq is a long time favorite brand of mine. So, I was elated when I discovered the Henna Sooq Ayurvedic Regimen for stronger hair.

henna sooq

The brand not only offers high quality and organic herbal hair treatments, they offer courses on how to use herbs to make your hair stronger and healthier.

henna sooq ayurvedic regimen
hair has been treated STRICTLY with herbs for weeks

I’m always careful with using the words “Ayurveda” and “Ayurvedic.” I explain why as a Christian I use the word “herbal” when referring to the use of herbs like Amla and Henna in hair care.

However, in this article I’m using the term Ayurvedic because the actual name of Henna Sooq’s course is: Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening and Growth – 6 Week Hair Regimen

Without giving away all of the course material, I’ll just share a brief overview of each of the weeks as already publicly shared by the company below:

Intro to Henna Sooq Ayurvedic Regimen

The course kicks off with a video welcome from Khadija, the company’s Founder and Owner. She tells you what to expect from the course as well as the recommended products you’ll need.

You’ll also provide an overview of your own hair type, curl pattern etc.

Week 1: Your Ayurvedic Hair Mask Treatment

In week one, you’ll receive instruction on which hair mask to use on wash day and how to use it. Spoiler: This mask was AMAZING. I will definitely continue to use it. Check out the video kickoff:

YouTube video

Week 2: Ayurvedic Hair Growth Regimen: Make/Use/Apply their hair growth oil

Before signing up for the course, I thought I knew how to make hair growth oils. The way that Henna Sooq shares is actually how to “infuse” an oil. They also tell you what oil they recommend and the specific product needed to get the job done.

In this video I give a bit of an overview:

YouTube video

Week 3: Another Ayurvedic Mask Treatment

If you haven’t recognized a theme yet, let me point it out to you. Hair Masks are IMPORTANT in the course!

Just take a look at my next video in the series:

YouTube video

Week 4: An Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Treatment

In week 4 you’ll be introduced to another hair “mask” that you will create using a potent blend of herbal powders. What’s cool is you get to use one of the products used earlier in the course to help you make it. Yeah!

YouTube video

Weeks 5 and 6: Using Your Hair Growth Oil + The Final Ayurvedic Mask Treatment

At week 5 in the course, you will be putting to use the very rich hair oil that was made earlier on. I’ve found that this hair growth oil is not only good for stimulating hair growth. It’s also good for sealing in moisture and smoothing fly-aways.

Then at the final week yep, another mask. At this point, you will love this routine if you don’t already.

YouTube video

Other Need to Knows

  • You’ll be cleansing your hair with a combination of hair washes and co-washes. And, yes they are all from Henna Sooq’s collection of Ayurvedic hair products. You don’t have to use their cleansers but it is highly recommended.
  • When completing the course, you will want to follow the routine again! No seriously. Between the hair tea, hair oil and hair masks, your hair will flourish.

Henna Sooq Ayurvedic Regimen: Bonuses

  • As a student of the course, you’ll receive a 50% coupon code to buy the bundle of hair products that you’ll need to use throughout the 6 weeks.
  • You’ll be provided with 2 DIY hair recipes using Moroccan herbs

Tools to Aid in Completing the Course

This is a mini slow cooker – only $13!!

In addition to the 6 week Henna Sooq Ayurvedic hair regimen, it’s recommended that you purchase (an additional cost) the following:

In Conclusion

It feels like such a treat to invest in your hair care each week with herbs that strengthen your hair and encourage growth.

Now that I’m done with the 6 week regimen, I will share in detail more of my personal experiences with the various products. So, stay tuned for those.

I highly recommend you give Henna Sooq 6 Week Ayurvedic Hair Regimen a shot. They also have an Ayurvedic Method to Waist Length Hair Course. It’s 6 weeks as well and I will try that one next.

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