How to Start Your Day Off in Total Serenity

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Living just outside of and working in the big city can really raise your stress levels. I thought I was coping pretty well. As a matter of fact, if you asked me on any given day if I was stressed, I would tell you “no.” Then, I received a shocking discovery that opened my eyes to a revelation we all must come to.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, Serenity is defined as “The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.” That seems impossible in the day and age we live in, right?

Well, that all depends on how you are seeking to achieve that peaceful, untroubled and calm state of being.

Establish Your Peace Early

I’ve discovered that the early morning hours just before sunrise (4-6 AM) are the quietest times of day. It’s a time you’re most able to tune out the noise (voices in the world). It’s a time you are better able to hear from God. During that time you’ll be prepared to walk through your day more peacefully than the day before.

If you live in the city or on a busy roadway, you’ll find that these 2 hours are the quietest. You can almost hear a pin drop. What’s also great about this time is the people in your home are probably asleep as well (In my home, the ruckus doesn’t begin until well after 6 AM).

seek God early

During the twilight hours is the perfect time to find your serenity. Taking time to pray and read the Bible when there’s nobody causing a distraction (cue opening and shutting doors throughout the house) will be a time of reflection that will lead you to serenity.

This time is truly priceless because you can connect with the Creator and hear Him more clearly. Instructions from Heaven will greatly help you make it through the day and avoid many of the pitfalls that cause life’s little (and big) disturbances.

A Revelation for Us All

Remember how I said I received a shocking discovery that opened my eyes to a revelation? Well, that discovery was more eye opening than I knew. Not only was I indeed very stressed (as confirmed by a full physical from my doctor); the most stress inducing time was my commute to and from work.

Living in a big city, there’s many opportunities to get stressed out. That’s when you really need God. Even if you live in a small city, you need God. Opportunities for upset are everywhere. We all need God.

Only the Creator of Heaven and Earth can steer us in a way that brings serenity on an ongoing basis (provided we spend ongoing time with Him). He can give you wisdom to avoid the pitfalls of life but when you do encounter them, only God can put your circumstances into true perspective.

On the days I don’t take advantage of the privilege God has given us to pray and spend time in His Word (most likely due to lack of planning the night before), I feel the difference throughout my day. My world doesn’t run as smooth as it could.

Spending time in the Lord’s presence is worth the sacrifice of a couple hours sleep. Grab the early morning hours to start the day off right. You’ll notice a more serene day even when things don’t go as planned.

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How do you start your day off?


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