How Your Life is Delivered Like the Seasons

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 04:33 pm

life is like seasons

I read an article once that said life is like an ocean. “The waves may be very calm one day and the next day there may be a storm.”

I don’t necessarily disagree with that but I believe life is more like the seasons and it is delivered in cycles.

I’m a New Yorker, born and bred. New York weather is composed of seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It doesn’t just get hot one day and then cold and snowy the next. It’s a gradual change. In the spring, there’s a blooming of new life. In the summer, the weather is perfectly calm. When fall arrives, trees and grass begin to die. Then, winter eventually comes. It’s cold and dreary out.

Life is like those seasons. In the spring is a time when things are typically looking up for you. In the summer, your life is at full peak and things are going pretty well. Fall comes and you may start to experience some uncomfortable moments. Winter brings with it challenges that can bring with it unhappiness and dis-ease.

There are Signs That Reveal the Changing of Life’s Seasons

To provide you with a practical life example, I’ll share a recent story from my own life.

About 2 years ago, my CJ was beginning to eat better and he started to gain weight after a few years of not gaining a pound (Spring). After a few months, not only was his appetite improved, the epileptic seizures were well controlled with medication (Summer). I had new hope that he would some day be off the meds.

A few months ago CJ didn’t pee for nearly a day (Fall). I thought it was a fluke since CJ had not been consuming water since he aspirates on liquids not thickened. It just seemed so unnatural to drink thick water. In addition to the lack of water, he was taking an anti-seizure drug that had a high probability of causing kidney stones.

Just last month, CJ was hospitalized twice. He was diagnosed with………kidney stones. He has missed over a month of school ad recently had surgery with another to be scheduled. We had to take him off one of the anti-seizure drugs immediately. He’s since had an uptick in seizure activity (Winter)

To say that this trial in our lives just happened would be incorrect. The signs that a health trial was coming were definitely there. Hind sight is definitely 20/20.

The trials you go through in your own life can also be likened to the seasons. Good times can eventually progress to trying times. Maybe those trials come as a result of poor decision making (not always yours). At other times, trials come into your life due to no apparent reason or a variety of reasons.

Learn to spot the seasons of your life so that challenges do not creep up on you. You can better prepare to deal with the trials of life when you “sense” them coming. I’ll share how in a future article.


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