If CJ Could Talk, This is What He’d Like You to Know

Last updated on November 16th, 2019 at 09:06 pm

love of a special needs mom

The past few weeks have been very trying times for my family. Decisions had and still have to be made concerning CJ’s health and medications. Seizures have tried to take over his body along with  a host of kidney stones.

On Monday CJ was scheduled to have surgery to remove the final kidney stone.The surgery actually never happened. CJ had a seizure before the surgery and the anesthesiologist refused to treat him. (That’s an entirely different post)

I got to thinking about something after the various back to back challenges. If I could peer into my CJ’s brain to see what he was thinking about all he’s going through and then asked him to share his thoughts with you, what would he say?

“Hi, I’m Christopher. My family and friends have called me CJ ever since I was little.


Life’s been a little rough for me the past few weeks. That’s because of these seizures I keep having. The doctors don’t know why I’m having them. I wish I could tell them too.


Mommy doesn’t sleep well because she’s either up watching me or she wakes up when I have a seizure. Thankfully, things are changing.


I’ve been on a lot of anti-seizure drugs and none of them really worked. The last one gave me a ton of painful kidney stones. Glad that’s nearly over.


Now, the doctors want me to take a medicine that could make me go blind. Mommy was torn up over what to do about it. On the one hand, the medicine is supposed to work well for kids like me. On the other hand, it can steal away the one thing I have that allows me to really enjoy life…my sight.

special needs child


Thank God my mommy is a Christian. She spent time checking in with God and He didn’t give her peace about giving me that new medicine so I won’t be taking it. I’m just going to continue taking the other anti-seizure medications that I’ve been taking.


Mommy is funny. She believes God uses doctors and medicine but she also doesn’t want me to grow an extra head or something if the drug gets taken off the market in a few years. She doesn’t know it but I can read her thoughts.


I have a smart mommy though. She takes me to church so I can hear about God and learn His Word. She thinks I don’t understand what’s going on but I do. I listen to the Pastor teach and I get it! Why else does she think that I’m paying so much attention?


Our Pastor prayed for me and told mommy to just trust God and keep confessing my healing. Sometimes she does’t listen right away but lately she’s really been on the Word of God. She makes confessions from the Bible for my healing every day.


I’m looking forward to a day when I have no more seizures. God is watching over me so I know I’ll be fine.



Then keep visiting this blog because my mom can’t share enough about her life as a special needs mom (that is when she’s not talking about her fine natural hair) 🙂


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Love, CJ”


This is what I think CJ would say if he had full speech capability. He has some single words that he uses to get his needs met but isn’t yet capable of holding a conversation. He does however have a high level of comprehension so the dialogue you just read may be quite close to what is going on in his beautiful mind.


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  1. Pamela D Thompson says:

    What a beautiful story. I will continue to pray for you, CJ and your family to stay strong and in keeping your faith by believing in God.

    1. thank you Pamela. Every day is definitely a blessing with CJ in spite of what he’s had to go through.

  2. God is always in control. We can never understand the things we have to go through sometimes.

    1. The beautiful thing about the Lord is He has given us authority to speak to our circumstances. Jesus gave us back what the devil stole in the Garden of Eden so I know everything will work out in our favor.

      thank you for always having kind words 🙂

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