January Monthly Hair Plan

New year, new you! That’s a common theme whenever we embark upon a new year. Yet, while it’s novel, a theme without a plan is useless. My new year, new your is being kicked off with a January monthly hair plan.

January monthly hair plan

Each month this year, I’ll be following a consistent hair care routine using the same products and styling my hair in the same manner throughout each month.

Kicking off the the start of this new year, below you’ll find my January monthly hair plan for my fine natural hair. Feel free to follow along on this journey to healthier, stronger and longer hair.

You can opt to use the same hair products I mention below or you can use your own hair products and just follow along with the method: C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y.

Consistency with a particular brand of hair products, hair regimen (or routine) you follow will bless you in a couple of ways:

  • You’ll discover the products your hair likes (and even loves)
  • You’ll be able to see how manufacturers create their products to work in tandem with each other

For January, while I’ll be using products from a few brands, most are pretty generic in nature. So, they will work well together. Therefore, January’s theme is more about the consistency of use. I changed a few products from what I initially planned.

Without further ado, below is January’s monthly hair plan.

January Monthly Hair Plan Routine

Starting with the routine I’ll be following:

  • Pre-poo with an oil before each cleanse
  • Bi-weekly cleansing (twice this month)
  • Deep Conditioning each wash day using my heating cap
  • Scalp treatment after washing
  • Weekly scalp treatment
  • Moisturizing 3x a week

January Hair Products

The products I’ll be using this month to complete my routine:

The products are listed in the order I’ll use them in the routine. I didn’t pre-poo my first wash of the month but will do so going forward.

I will be using the hempseed oil to pre-poo but also to seal moisture into my hair after rinsing out my deep conditioner AND after spritzing my hair with rose water on the days I moisturize.

Pureauty’s hair growth serum will be used on wash day but also weekly. Biotin is very beneficial for hair growth. It helps to stimulate the production of keratin (a beneficial protein for healthy hair, nails and skin). It can also increase the rate of growth in your follicles.

January Hairstyle

The single hairstyle that I’ll be doing throughout the entire month is a braided bun. I’m going to share the tutorial for this hairstyle over on The Serial Bunner.

January monthly hairstyle
Braided bun hairstyle

Download the Monthly Hair Plan Printable

Lastly, if you’d like to follow along this year (or at any time), you can grab this handy undated printable to outline and keep track of your own hair plan routine, products and hairstyle for the month. The printable includes the details on how you to use this 12 month simplified hair planner. You’ll find the PDF in my Etsy shop: https://etsy.me/3945a7L

monthly hair plans worksheet

Fine Hair and Faith

Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area. She shares tips for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. Her writings are mainly centered around herbal hair care and sharing easy hairstyles. It's her joy to inspire others using faith for living while caring for your "crown."

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