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Using herbal remedies for hair care is not a new phenomenon.

While it’s not wise to attribute any one form of herbal hair care to a specific nationality, we can identify certain nationalities and cultures of people who used herbs to help grow their hair long and strong.

Indian women are known for using herbs like henna and amla, to strengthen and thicken their hair while African women are known for using a mixture of herbs known as Chebe.

It’s worth it to do a bit of research to discover what herbs can help benefit your hair. Let’s look at some common hair conditions that can be easily treated or remedied with herbal hair care treatments.

Dryness (Amla)

Keeping your hair moisturized is imperative if you want hair that is healthy and doesn’t break off.

Adding a bit of Amla Powder to your pre-poo or deep conditioner will help you hair to feel more moisturized and conditioned while also adding incredible shine.

Frizziness (Marshmallow Root)

Frizzy fly aways can ruin even the best set hairstyle. Marshmallow root is an herb that can be used to help soften the hair and make it less prone to frizz.

Split Ends (Horsetail, Nettle)

Regardless of how well you care for your hair, split ends will occur. It’s a part of the normal wear and tear from your hair. It’s simply a consequence of hair existing on your head. That’s why you need to trim your ends as needed.

It’s when split ends get out of control that herbal hair remedies can come to your aid. Herbs like Nettle and Horsetail are rich in silica. They can help thicken your strands from root to tip so that your ends aren’t as prone to breaking.

Hair Breakage (Henna)

If your hair is breaking, the likely reason is it’s weak and fragile. In this case you’ll want to use herbs in your hair care regimen that help to strengthen and fortify the hair shaft. One of my favorite herbs to help with putting an end to breakage is Henna.

Henna is the king of herbs for healthy and strong locks.
It’s been used by Indian women for ages and has rapidly made its way into Western Culture.

When used regularly, henna builds up on the hair shaft creating a layer that protects the hair from damage. If your hair is weak and fragile, you’ll want to incorporate the herb, henna into your hair care regimen.

Slow Growth (Brahmi)

Hair grows on average, at a rate of 1/2 inch per month. You can use herbs to help accelerate slow growing hair.

Brahmi is an herb among many others that promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation in the scalp.

Dullness (Rosemary)

If your hair doesn’t want to shine no matter how much oil you slather on to it, try adding a bit of rosemary to your hair regimen.

Rosemary can be added to your conditioner or used to create a DIY hair care oil. Use it with Amla for even more benefits, as Amla also promotes shine.

No matter what your hair concern, there’s likely an herb on God’s green earth that can attend to it.

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This post is the first post in the Herbs for Hair Care Series.

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. ~Genesis 9:3

Fine Hair and Faith

Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area. She shares tips for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. Her writings are mainly centered around herbal hair care and sharing easy hairstyles. It's her joy to inspire others using faith for living while caring for your "crown."

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  1. Katrina

    Hi! Do you mind sharing where do you purchase your henna from? I am a Christian and I found a company that sells Indian herbs but they are Muslim. They do not practice Christianity. I am on the fence with using these products with the idea of them praying over their products to false gods. I’m trying to find a christian supplier that sells Indian herbs. If you have any suppliers please mention them.

    1. hi Katrina,

      this is definitely a challenge. I get my henna from Henna Sooq because I know they sell quality product. The owners are however, not Christian. I don’t know if they pray over their herbs though. I’ve never seen Kadijah mention doing that. I just trust God that I’m covered. I’ve also purchased from Amazon. The thing you have to realize is you can buy things (not just herbs) that are coming from sources that you don’t know what they pray over. So, you have to trust and enforce your faith in God’s covering over you. Obviously, if you know that the source is doing unGodly things like praying to false gods, then you would not want to buy from them. For those, you don’t know, trust God. That’s the best advice I could offer.

  2. Joy

    Very helpful thanks

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