Hair Routine for the Month of September

Where has this year gone?! It’s time start a new hair routine and this month I’m focusing on hair growth with the use of super herbs. Below you’ll find my monthly hair routine for September.

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Every month throughout 2021, I’m focusing in one monthly hair routine. If you’ve been following this blog since January of 2021, you can skip this section.

Benefits of Following a Monthly Routine

Low manipulation and using up hair products with a focus of doing less to achieve more is the main benefit of following a monthly hair routine. There are many other benefits as well. These include:

  • Honing in on hair products your hair absolutely loves
  • Reducing the number of hair products you expose your hair (and wallet!) to
  • Retaining length

Hair Care That’s Faith Based

And, because I need God helps (even with my hair care), I follow a faith based approach by focusing in on a scripture for the month.

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Scripture for September

I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”
– Isaiah 46:4

This scripture is such a beautiful promise from God that no matter what we go through (including troubles with our hair), He will take care of us. The Lord reminds us in this verse that He is our Creator. Don’t you think God knew how much a woman would value her hair? He placed that within us.

September Hair Plans

Now, let’s take a look at the hair care products and routine I will be following for the month of September.

Low Maintenance Hair Care Routine for September

For the month of September, my routine is focused on herbs in my hair care.

On Saturday or Sunday I am following this routine:

  • Pre-poo
  • Cleanse
  • Hair Mask
  • Cleanse
  • Scalp Massage
  • Seal the length of my hair with an oil

September Hairstyle

monthly hair routine protective style

Since I’m still working from home, for the month of September I’m just going to stretch or blow my hair out and put it in large twists which I will secure with a banana clip. The photo above is how I do this style and it does look a bit fancy for being indoors but it’s really very simple.

I’ll share updates photos on my Instagram throughout the month.

Since I’m in the house and I don’t really go out on the weekends, I don’t need to do much. Secured twists help me to not do much 🙂

Hair Care Products and Tracker

Each month, I map out my hair care plans for the month on a monthly hair plan worksheet. I use the faith based version but there’s also a version without a place to note a scripture.

These work sheets will help you to be more productive with your hair care.

If you’re interested in starting your own simplified hair care plan, here are links to both the faith based and original simplified hair routine trackers:

Faith Based Monthly Simplified Hair Plan

Original Monthly Simplified Hair Plan

If you want to use one or more of the hair products that I’m using, there are links to each below. However, you may use whatever hair products you like. Just be consistent.

Some of these are affiliate links so I will receive a small commission from the referral. (Thank you in advance):

Hair Products for my July Hair Routine

During the week I will also spritz my hair with the hair tea once or twice and reseal everything up. Here’s a video showing how I make the tea:

YouTube video

August Simple Hair Routine

If you’re interested in August’s routine, here it is:

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