My Best Hairstyles of 2015!

This week I have tons to share since it’s the beginning of January! Since I was on vacation most of December, I had all this juicy content bottled up lol.

However, the one thing I didn’t think of sharing is my best hairstyles of 2015. I recently read Just Grow Already’s Styling Highlights and just knew I had to jump in even though I’m late to the party.

For the better part of last year, I shared my wash day chronicles so if you have been following along for a while, you saw a lot of the styles I shared. Here are my top 5 in no particular order:

Wash and Go

wash and go on fine natural hair

This Wash and go was probably one of the fullest I’ve achieved to date. The definition was good and while I’ve had other sets that had more definition, not many could compare with the amount of volume I was able to achieve on this fine hair!

The Wash and go is by far my staple hairstyle. It’s a very low maintenance style. Once my curls are set, I don’t have to do much more until it’s time to wash. I maintain my wash and go in one of 3 ways:

– a pineapple (high ponytail held with a satin scrunchy)
– an alternative to the pineapple
which is to pull all of my hair forward and secure with my stain
scarf. My hair just hangs out the front.  Not sure what to call this!
– A loose bun

Twist Out

some time in the summer…
fine natural hair
November…bangs were really growing out

I’ve come a long way with my twist outs (that’s why I couldn’t pick just one to share LOL!). They used to look totally lifeless and the curls were pretty un-uniformed. I think a lot of that was due to the products I used but I also attribute a better twist out to how much thicker my hair has gotten.

I maintain my twist out in very much the same way as my wash and go but occasionally I will re-twist in 4 big twists at night.

Half Up-Half Down

curly hair top knot
I believe I did this style at the beginning of January before I cut it

The base for this style was…you guessed it, the wash and go! Told you it was my go to. However, the sheer brilliance of putting the top up while leaving the bottom out, creates an entirely different look. And, of course, those edges are laid.

When the front of my hair gets frizzy but I still have pretty good definition throughout, I’ll rock this style. This is often the case when I don’t feel like doing a refresh.

Finger Coil Out


I don’t do finger coils often. That’s mainly because my fingers get all water logged when coiling! However, I always love how cute this style comes out….even with the massive amounts of shrinkage!

Finger coiled styles can last me a really long time but since I typically wash my hair on a weekly basis, that’s about as much wear time I get out of them. I sleep on a satin pillowcase and just let my hair roam free. It amazes me how the hair is so tightly coiled together that not even frizz can get in the mix!

Flat Twists with Front Cornrows

braids on fine natural hair
I did this style mid-January right after cutting 6/7 inches and simultaneously changing this blog from Radiant Brown Beauty to Fine Natural Hair and Faith. Yep, I was busy.

Sometimes a girl just doesn’t feel like untwisting! I like rocking flat twists as a style when I want my hair out of my face. It’s a semi-protective style that works well with my fine hair because my flat twists are pretty large (translation: not much manipulation required). Putting two cornrows vs twists in the front keeps the style looking neater over time.

Yes, this looks like a little girl style but I love it. It’s cute and when I’m ready to release the twists (and braids) for a twist out, I get mega definition.

Go To Style – The Bun

buns on fine natural hair

Now while, I don’t consider the bun in the same class as my best of the best styles, no hairstyle post of mine would be complete without mentioning it because this is my go to protective style! And, since it’s colder than a polar bear’s butt here in NY, the bun is pretty much all I’m rocking these days. I simply set my buns at night, lay my edges and tie it all down with a scarf. Rarely do I need to fix anything in the morning.

Well, that’s all folks. Don’t forget to check out Jen’s post. She shares her best styles by month!

Fine Hair and Faith

Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area. She shares tips for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. Her writings are mainly centered around herbal hair care and sharing easy hairstyles. It's her joy to inspire others using faith for living while caring for your "crown."

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  1. Hi Michelle! You 2015 hairstyles are beautiful! While I am not natural my daughter is so I love to draw inspiration for natural to help me style her hair. Great Post!

    1. cool. thanks for stopping by! I’m keeping things pretty low maintenance this year. I want to reach longer lengths but I also just don’t feel like dealing with my hair lately!

  2. I love the half up – half down. Your hair looks gŕeat !!

    1. thank you! that’s my other go to style lol when i’m lazy with the wash ‘n go

    1. ha ha! thank you love. I can tell i’m going to enjoy this link up 🙂

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