One Month Results on the MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:04 pm

It’s about one month since starting MahoganyCurls Healthy Hair Growth Challenge and I’ve learned a couple of new things.

wash and go fine natural hair

My purpose for joining this challenge was two fold:

  1. To see how long I could grow my hair with length retention in its healthy state without cutting it.
  2. To see if I could discover and learn new things/methods of caring for my fine natural hair from the other participants.

For those of us with fine hair, it can be difficult to maintain length but it’s not just about the length. Styling can also be a challenge. When your hair is fine, there are certain styles that don’t always come easily. One of those styles is the Wash and Go, which coincidentally is the recommended (but not only) method for styling while on the challenge.

The wash and go is one of those styles that while great for maintaining moisture and length due to how low maintenance it can be, it can also make fine hair look very stringy and lacking in volume. I’ve fortunately discovered some techniques to get the best wash and go on fine natural hair. (yep, click the link. You won’t regret it if your current wash and go results suck)

Moving right along…

What I Learned Since Starting the Challenge

Since my start of the challenge, I learned two things. The first is that doing a mid-week rinse was more beneficial than I thought it could be. I also learned that I don’t necessarily need to moisturize my entire head every day but focusing on moisturizing my ends is sufficient.

My initial reaction to doing a mid-week rinse was that of concern due to the added manipulation. I thought that my hair would suffer from the extra “washing.” Instead, I’ve found that I get less tangling by doing a mid-week rinse and the additional manipulation doesn’t cause my hair any breakage. That is in part due to my technique. Check out this video to see how I do it:

YouTube video

Since the ends of the hair are the oldest part, they obviously require extra care. The sebum produced from the scalp of someone with curly hair has difficult traveling down to the ends of the hair so this section of the hair is not only older, but dryer. By scrunching moisturizer onto my ends on a daily basis, dryness is combatted and I’ve noticed less tangling as well.

Hair Results thus far:

mahogany curls one month hair challenge results

I don’t expect to see much of a change in the length of my hair in just a month’s time (although I do see a little). That’s because hair only grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. When curly hair is in its natural state, it’s difficult to see that 1/2 inch.

Now, in 6 months I expect to see a difference. This is a great check in point because it will allow me time to tweak my regimen before the challenge ends.


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