Results and Review: Eco Styler Castor Oil & Flaxseed Gel

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 04:54 pm

eco styler black castor oil and flaxseed gel review

Some like it. Some love it. Some feel deceived by it.

There’s a lot of hype around the newest gel from Ecoco: Eco Styler Black Castor Oil and Flaxseed Gel.

This gel claims to:

  • help nourish, repair and grow hair.
  • strengthen and protect hair with wheat protein
  • leave hair with a healthy shine
  • provide a weightless level 10 all day hold

The Eco Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Gel (this is the official name) is indicated for all types (although I feel like all EcoStyler gels claim that LOL) and is:

• Alcohol Free
• Paraben Free
• Sulfate Free
• Non- Flaking
• Anti-Itch

In this first video, I share my first impressions of this NEW Eco Styler gel after setting my twists for a twist out:

YouTube video

In part two, I share the takedown of my twists as well as how my hair reacted to this black castor oil and flaxseed gel over a period of three days after wash day (so I guess that’s technically four).

YouTube video

A Prayer for Ecoco:

Thank you Lord for companies like Ecoco that continue to innovate to match the concerns for those of us with kinky hair. Place it upon the hears of those in positions of authority to work toward clean ingredients that will benefit us all. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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