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Make saving for all your beauty priorities easy and fun with the Beauty & Self Care Savings Planner Workbook.

In a tough economy, one of the first things we tend to cut out is our self care services. However, when you plan properly, that doesn't have to be the case.

This savings planner printable has 20 different pages that are either a fun savings fund tracker or a savings challenge to help you save for:

  • General Beauty - trackers and challenges to save for no specific beauty need. You decide!
  • Hair Care - products, wish list items or services
  • Skin Care - also products, wish list items for services
  • Nail Care - polish for DIY mani/pedis or nail care services
  • Perfume - individual bottles or subscriptions
  • Essential Oils - easily build your essential oil collection (they don't come cheap!) for your DIY recipes and diffusing
  • Cosmetic Procedures - Nothing wrong with a little nip and tuck! Just don't go into debt for it
  • Spa Services - Facials and other professional self care treatments
  • Massage Services
  • Candles - Soy candles, Handmade candles, you name it. Candles can be a luxury self care item
  • Self Care - Whatever you deem self care. This could be vitamins, CBD, fancy face serums
  • Luxury Handbags - because a good luxury handbag purchased debt free is true self care!

This workbook is a complete resource for all your beauty and self care savings.

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