Two Month Results on the MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:03 pm

wash and go on fine natural hair

Taking a journey toward any goal is never easy.

It seems as though there’s always something lying wait to promote a set back. On top of that, disappointments can be motivation killers. Remember that, the next time you start a journey (especially a long one) toward a goal…especially a hair goal

I’m close to completing month two of the MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge. I started about two weeks later than the others.

Hair Growth and Length Retention

Hair grows at an average rate of 1/2 inch per month. So that means I should have grown about an inch of hair since beginning the challenge.  Before sharing my result, it’s important to point out that not every head of hair will grow or retain at the same rate. Taking in to account normal breakage of weathered ends, that one inch may be closer to 3/4 of an inch and even 1/2 an inch after two months.

A few factors to consider when judging how much hair growth should be retained:

  • Hairstyling (how often did you utilize protective styling to maintain length?)
  • What types of hair tools are you using?
  • Are you consistent with your hair care regimen? (ex: washing, detangling and deep conditioning weekly)

I’ve been pretty consistent with my weekly regimen and hair products being used for the challenge. A midweek rinse is recommended as part of the challenge but I can’t say that I got around to doing that every week due to the hectic nature of my life.

Still, a girl should be able to see some growth yes? Well let’s see…

fine natural hair length check

For the life of me, I could not find the t-shirt I wore in my starting pic (I think it’s in the dirty clothes bag). In two months, when I do a length check again, I’ll be wearing one of these two tees so it will be a lot easier to see if there’s a length change.

The most current pic (on the right) is old hair that needs to be washed so it looks a little more tattered than the first pic from November. However, there doesn’t appear to be much of a change in my hair’s length to date. As a matter of fact, in the most recent pic it looks as if my hair got a little shorter! Boooooooo!

I don’t think that’s necessarily the case but I can definitely say that I don’t see an increase in length.

What I Learned

Not seeing a visible 1 inch of hair growth would normally birth quite a bit of discouragement within me. In the past, not seeing the results I expected would have me so disappointed I’d probably quit the challenge and do something else. What’s difference today is I discovered some things these past two months while on the challenge:

  • While the wash and go is the staple hairstyle for the MahoganyCurls Challenge, it’s not something I can do in the winter if I want to retain length on my fine natural hair. Twist outs, braid outs and low manipulation protective styles are also options.
  • Hair needs to maintain its pH balance in order for it to thrive. This has everything to do with the products being used.

I talk more about these and more in this post on Hair Mistakes I’m Stopping in 2017

So, while I’m not pleased with my current results, the challenge is still young and I’m learning lessons early. This has helped me to tweak my hair regimen for the long haul. For starters, I’m going to protective style my hair for the remainder of the winter.

My next length check will be in March but in a near future post, I’ll share the exact tweaks to my regimen that I’ve made.

A Prayer for Our Hair:

“Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name help me to graciously admire but not covet the hair of others while accepting and being thankful for each strand that you’ve blessed me with. Amen”


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  1. Hello Michelle i do not know if i am doing the right thing with my fine hair or
    using the right products but my hair is always dry and i cannot get good twist out
    please let me know which products to use and how to care for my fine hair.

    Thank you,

    Pauline Thompson

    1. Hi Pauline-

      What are you using and in what order? I follow the LOC method in the summer typically and the LCO method in the winter L= liquid (water), O=oil and C=cream).

      I stay away from certain lines based on their ingredients. The best moisturizers I’ve found that work for my hair so far are Mane Choice Daily Restorative Spray + the Cream.

      Moisturized hair starts on wash day. I’ll write up a post which I’ll call “How to Start and Keep the Moisture Going in Your Hair” (or something like that lol) either this week or next. I’ll go into detail on what I do as I rarely have a dry hair day

  2. Amen and thank you for your prayer. Needed that. Thanks for your articles; didn’t know I had fine hair until I saw your articles. Been trying to get my hair past bsl and was a little bit sad about the fact that it’s not growing quicker. But reading your posts gives me hope that even though I am not seeing fast growth, that some day my practices will get my hair healthy and growing past bsl. Your hair looks super healthy and beautiful and super long. May God continue to bless you in all of your goals.

    1. Thank you Annette. I know the struggle. I’ve gone months at what seemed like the same length in the past and then just like that, I saw obvious growth. Keep practicing healthy hair practices. You’ll see results with consistency

  3. Great post and your hair looks awesome in the top pic!

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