Here’s How to Find Your Christian and Faith Resources

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christian faith based resources

The Bible is the Ultimate source of faith. Without it, you don’t have the Word of God. No word, no faith.

While the Holy Spirit is our Teacher who will lead and guide us into all Truth, God has also gifted certain people to be preachers and teachers of His Word. They help to make the Bible easier to digest and understand.

Then, there are resources that you can use to enhance your Christian walk or supplement your study of the Bible. These resources can help you to study more about a specific topic of life or provide you with a daily devotional to keep you on contract with consuming God’s Word on a regular basis.

Ways to Find Christian Resources

Living in the age of technology, it’s not difficult to find resources to support your Christian faith. All one needs to do is power up the computer and search Mr Google. You’ll find a host of resources to peruse through.

There’s also your local church. Many times churches will give out free Bible resources to encourage people to study the Bible more fervently.

Your local library is another place that you may find Christian resources but it will definitely be limited to a small section.

Watching Christian programming on television is another way to find Christian resources. The Trinity Broadcast Network broadcasts a number of programs that can help guide you in your relationship with the Lord. The programs usually share their website or phone number at the bottom of the screen. If you visit their website or place a call, you’ll discover a host of resources – some free.

And, while your interest may lie with non-fiction faith based materials, there are times when you just may enjoy a little clean fiction. I’ve discovered a wonderful resource for Christian fiction along side a few others. I love to read a good love story or drama with God at the center any day of the week.

Locating Christian Faith Based Resources can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. I definitely don’t discourage you taking the time to find what your spirit needs but I do aim to help with the process.

Here on Fine Natural Hair and Faith, you’ll find some pretty helpful, interesting and awe-inspiring Christian resources. Below is a link to an accumulation of the types of resources that may interest you.

I will continually add to the resources on this page as I discover them so bookmark the page to make it easier for you to refer back to from time to time.

Go to my Resources for Christian and Bible Faith here.


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