fine natural hair and faith

Feeling like you’re not quite in love with your fine natural hair? Let’s change that.

Learning to care for your fine natural hair is something that can take a bit of time. You’ve probably already discovered that what works for thicker hair textures doesn’t work for yours. And, that’s OK. I’m here to guide you in caring for your hair from improving its health to styling.

Here’s the caveat, while I share actionable tips and tricks to help you with your hair, I also like to sprinkle in having faith in God to help you with reaching your goals. As the Creator, of our hair (everything else too, of course), I believe that He is the perfect One to help you overcome any hurdles you may face. Plus, I trust Him to guide me in what content to create for you.

There’s no other way to put it. When your hair isn’t looking its best, your self-esteem can take a hit.

You feel that if only you had thicker hair, longer hair, you could finally style it the way you’d like to.

Perhaps, you started this journey into learning how to better care for your fine natural hair because you really want to see how far it can go. But, you keep hitting roadblocks.

Your search for beautiful, perfectly styled natural hair ends here. Before I build you up, please forgive me for letting you down. There is no perfect natural hair, regardless of what you see on the internet.

For you there are, however, very practical actions you can take to achieve YOUR best hair. Your hair is beautiful regardless of its length or thickness. That doesn’t mean you can aspire for more. Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, I share everything I know about getting fine natural hair healthier, ultimately longer, stronger and styled in the best way that suits your lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Michelle

Content Creator, Christian and Natural Hair Enthusiast advocating for Fine Hair Naturals

Strayed from being natural but returned to my roots physically and spiritually

Relaxed hair at 8 years old

Growing up, my mother relaxed my hair very early on. There wasn’t any information about caring for naturally coily hair back then. We were taught to keep it straight

Always loved my hair but little else

While I only knew my hair in its relaxed state, it was the only thing I actually liked. I grew up being made fun of for having big feet and a gap in my teeth.

My hair was the only thing I felt I had the power to take control of. I guess I could have gotten braces but at the 5 figure price tag, it wasn’t an option. I decided to just embrace the gap.

However, I refused to embrace hair “tamed” by a relaxer.

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Natural for over 20 years

As a young adult, I learned the potential detriments to your hair and overall health by using chemical relaxers.

There’s so much debate about it and it’s not my purpose or interest to participate in it. I know for a fact that how we were born is good in God’s eyes. We just need to learn how to care for ourselves. That’s why I believe you need the Creator’s help to do so.

Being able to transform my fine natural hair and growing in my faith completely changed my life. And now I get to help others do the same.

I’ve learned so  much (lots through trial and error) that I aim to share with you. 

My Favs


Ominira Naturals

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Fav hair straightener

Tymo Ionic Straightener

Fav bible study

James Method

Where You May Have Seen / Heard of Me

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My Values / What makes me different

Familiar with Fine HairTaking Ownership & ResponsibilityFaith in the Creator
Fine hair is very fragile so it’s important to know how to handle and care for it.I’ve been at it a long time and have grown my fine natural hair from neck length to near waist lengthI believe that while hairstylists and those provided related services can assist you with making your hair “look” good, it’s your responsibility to know how to care for your hair on a daily basis. This is important to me because I don’t believe you can truly know how to care for anything, (including your hair) without the “manufacturer’s” assistance

In other words, this is what I’m all about

My vision is to help as many women who also hold a faith in God, to reach their hair goals, whatever they may be.

Ready to experience change?

You’ll find a number of articles on the Fine Natural Hair and Faith blog and in our shop you’ll find the manuals, ebooks and other resources to help you not only improve your hair care routines. You’ll also find other guides and tools to help you with a bit of self care, and living a Christian lifestyle.

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