Afro Textured, Medium Density, Type 3c/4A, Normal/Low Porosity Fine Naturally Curly Hair


Characteristics of My Fine Hair

Firstly, I have Afro textured and naturally curly strands. Also, I’m an over 50 fine curly haired Christian with completely unprocessed medium-long length hair.

Lastly (before we get into more on my fine strands), I may appear to have a lot of hairs on my head but most of those hairs are very thin and when separated, many of them look almost invisible. Simply, I have medium density hair – not not thick but not thin.

As of 2020, I’ve been natural for over 18 years (I don’t recall the exact date. I just know that after reading the book, Thinning Edges by Cathy Howse, I was afraid a relaxer would eventually burn out my hair. So, I began my natural journey all those years ago.


The pictures you see below are of quick and easy hairstyles I created and sometimes still rock on my hair. Having fine naturally curly hair over 50 that’s medium density is not as difficult to style when you care for it well.

I love to try different hairstyles but I prefer to wear my hair in it’s naturally curly state 99.9% of the time.

Since this is the head of hair that God gave me, I daily keep that in mind so that I can care for it to the best of my ability. That includes the products I use and the practices I’ve adopted for hair care.

You’ll find me sharing my personal hair care tips, product reviews and recommendations for fine natural hair throughout this here blog, Fine Natural Hair and Faith.

My Fine Natural Hair: Type & Porosity

More specifically on my hair type, it’s classified predominantly as type 3C/4A but the hair typing system isn’t that accurate. Everyone has more than one type of hair on their head so if you want to get REALLY specific, I’m overall a type 3C but then I have a nice sprinkle of type 4A in my crown area. At the end of the day, it’s afro textured African American Hair that I’m blessed to have!

Hair porosity is more important than hair type. I wholeheartedly believe that my decision not to heat style, chemical treat, roughly style or use harsh tools on my fine natural hair is what allows it to maintain a healthy porosity. That means I can go multiple days without moisturizing my hair but for maintenance, I still do so at least every other day. In short, I have a combination of normal (or moderate) and low porosity hair.

My Hair Cuts

I rarely cut my hair but I do maintenance trim. However, from 2012 to 2015 I had two major haircuts removing as much as 6/7 inches! Why? Layers!

Layers are great on curly hair. However, I prefer long layers and my bottom layer was growing entirely too fast. Consequently, the rest of my hair was not catching up in the time frame I wanted it to. So, I cut it 🙂

Then, in January 2017 I had another hair cut on straightened hair.

In 2018, I got my first DevaCut. Then, I created a plan to just let it grow and maintain with trims.

Fine Hair Routine

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss my very disciplined hair care regimen. Importantly, I almost never skip a wash day. Typically, If I have to go out on my regular wash day (Fri/Sat/Sun – for flexibility), I will wash my hair a day early.

The practices that make up my hair care routine include:

  • A combination of finger detangling + detangling with either the Tangle Teezer, Felicia Leathrwood’s Brush with the Best brush or a seamless comb in sections
  • Following the LCO or LOC Method for sealing when moisturizing
  • Pre-Pooing with Aloe Vera, Amla, conditioner and/or oil before every wash
  • Washing with a cleansing conditioner or Herbal Hair wash / Occasional Mud washing / Cleansing with a shampoo rarely
  • Deep conditioning every week
  • Protein strengthening every other week (sometimes, weekly depending on how my hair feels)
  • Utilizing herbal hair treatments including herbs like Henna, Shikakai, Fenugreek, Amla, Brahmi and Cassia
  • Regular nightly oiling 3-4 times a week
  • Regular scalp massages when oiling
  • Self trimming 2x a year
  • Low manipulation/protective styling
  • Using all natural to almost natural products (Moreover, I will allow for a safe preservative in some of my hair care products)
  • Incorporating DIY hair care recipes

A Smorgasborg of Hair Routines and Regimens

It took me quite some time to “learn” my fine naturally curly, afro textured hair. Therefore, my hair routine has evolved over many years.

Finally, you can read more on my past and present fine hair regimen at the pages below. Perhaps, one will resonate for you:

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Add’l Resources

Lastly, to help my fellow naturals with fine hair to reach longer lengths via care and styling, I created a couple of comprehensive guides. In the same vain, I share those tips in visual form over on my Youtube channel.

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