This page will serve as a constantly developing resource for Christian related materials and resources. You can use them to build your faith for healthy hair, healthy relationships and an overall healthy life.

Olive Tree Bible Study – Interactive Bible Study app with commentary maps and more. I like this because it has many ways to highlight and make notes next to scriptures.

olive tree bible study app

YouVersion Bible App – great mobile app offering reading plans. You can also read or just have the Bible read to you – hundreds of languages available. There’s also video stories.


Recommended YouVersion Plans:

Dave Ramsey's Financial Wisdom from Proverbs     Jesus Speaks     Lord Hear Our Cry

BookBub – This isn’t necessarily a Christian book supplier but you can customize your book interests to include Christian novels, fiction and non-fiction books. I’ve discovered some great reads here and the best part is you get daily emails with books that are either free or no more than $3!


Lifeway – One of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services, including Bibles, Bible studies, research, church music and supplies, and digital services.

life way bible resource

Vanessa Miller, Best Selling Christian Author on Amazon – Writer of Christian fiction such as Through the Storm (I LOVED! this book. It reminded me of how God has angels protecting His people and no matter how much you’ve sinned, God forgives). Vanessa is also a playwright and motivational speaker.

christian author vanessa miller

Let God Be True – This site offers a free daily proverbs commentary email. I was introduced to this site by a friend and look forward to the daily emails. They tell it like it is based on the Bible. If you are looking for God’s Wisdom, Proverbs is where it’s at and this site makes commentary like no other!

let god be true proverbs

Speak Faith – Faith Articles – This is a great resource for learning more about faith. You’ll find lots of topics from intercession to temptation. Check it out.

Trusting God with Your Drea...Shop on Amazon This is a wonderful devotional especially written with women in mind. Draw closer to God with this heart touching devotional.

Get one Word

Get One Word – Stop making New Year’s resolutions, reach your goals and change your life when you focus on your God given ‘One Word.’

One Word creates clarity, power, passion and life-change. The simple power of One Word is that it impacts all six dimensions of your life – mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial. Simply put, One Word sticks. There is a word meant for you and when you find it, live it, and share it, your life will become more rewarding and exciting than ever.