Simple wash and go hairstyles using a combination of leave in conditioners, cream stylers and gels

wash and go hairstyles on fine natural hair
Wash and go on thick natural hair
beautiful textures wash and go
Wash ‘n Gos are a quick natural hairstyle
wash and go hairstyles
Wash ‘n Go on Fine hair

The wash and go is a quick natural hairstyle that’s also low manipulation. When you have fine hair, that’s a good thing. Every time you handle your hair, you accelerate the wear and tear on your strands.

If you set your wash and go style correctly and / or with the right products, you can achieve 5 and even 7 day hair before needing to wash again. Then, during the week you will have very little to do in order to maintain it.

When it comes to technique, there are many ways to “set” your wash ‘n go. In the videos below, you’ll notice I lean toward one particular technique but here’s a complete list of the various methods that you cause use to set your curls:

  • Shingling
  • Smoothing
  • Raking
  • Shake and Rake
  • Praying Hands Method
  • Finger Coiling
  • Scrunching

To clarify, you may find that one technique works better for your hair than others. For example, if you want the most defined curls which may yield less volume, shingling may be your thing.

Series of Wash and Go Hairstyles

In the following videos, I’m exhibiting a variety of wash and go hairstyles using different products. Then, I’m sharing my opinion of the products – product reviews.

Wash and go feat. Curl Enhancing Smoothie + Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

When it’s cold, I prefer to do twist outs but when it’s warm out, my go to style is the wash ‘n go! Consequently, it’s typically the only style I do in the summer.

The first in a set of wash and go hairstyles is set with two products: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel Wash ‘n Go. These two products are very popular for creating natural hairstyles.

In the following video, I’m doing my wash and go using a layering effect. The application process is as follows:

  • First, a leave in conditioner
  • Second, Shea Moisture Curl enhancing Smoothie and
  • Third, Eco Styler Olive Gel

The results are different from the other product pairings in this wash ‘n go series. Also, my hair is cut in a shape here.

See how I pair the two products over my leave in conditioner to get a super defined wash and go on my fine naturally curly hair:

feat. Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding

Fine natural hair never ceases to amaze me. Some products work very well and others can perform in a mediocre fashion.

When evaluating natural hair products for wash and go’s, I take into account the ingredients, the smell, how my hair feels while the styling with the product and how it feels after it is dry. Most importantly, I wait with baited breathe for my dry hair results.

In my continued quest to find the holy grail of products that work for my fine afro textured hair, the next curl styling product I tried was Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding.

Check out this video of my technique and the results after applying the product to my hair:

Wash ‘n Go feat. Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Custard

Another product from Beautiful Textures, this curl defining custard actually surprised me. This wash ‘n go was done with surprising results. Check out the video below:

feat. Karen’s Body Beautiful + Alikay Naturals

In this video, I’m doing a wash and go using Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia leave in conditioner paired with Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Gel. The result is a soft set and fluffy wash and go!

Before you watch the video, just know that I really like this combination. These products left my hair feeling very soft. Plus, the sell of these products are simply amazing. Yet, while I do love the product pairing, it didn’t last as long as other wash and go’s done on my fine natural hair.

Wash and go feat. Shea Moisture Strengthen Grown and Restore Leave In Conditioner + EcoStyler Curl and Wave Gel

I absolutely adore this combination of products for natural hair. EcoStyler Curl and Wave Gel is a staple for my hair for so many reasons. Consequently, Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow and Restore leave in conditioner plays very nicely with it. My curls are very defined as you can see.

feat. Curl Enhancing Smoothie vs. Curl Enhancing Smoothie + Curling Souffle

What a difference 1 product can make! Check out the results of my wash and go using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie by itself. Then, I share how to incorporate the Curling Souffle with it for a different result.

Both wash and go hairstyles show all of my coily coils but one is definitely more defined than the other.

feat. CurlPrep Sweet Buttah + Around The Way Gel

Above all, I think this is by far my favorite product combination of products to create a wash and go to date. No, seriously. I think my wash and go has finally arrived. Watch the video and you’ll see why 🙂

Certainly, you may have a difference of opinion after watching each of the videos.

There are many other natural black hairstyles you can do with natural hair products like the ones shared here. They are cute, quick and fair quite well for fine natural hair.

The wash ‘n go is only one of those styles. But, you can also use the wash and go as a base for other styles including protective styles. In short, it adds nice texture to afro textured hair. Further, it allows for you to show off your natural hair texture.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more wash and go hairstyles for fine hair. Also, I share quick and easy hair tips for fine natural hair.

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