When it comes to caring for my fine natural hair, I like to try new products from time to time. Sometimes new product lines come out on the market and I like to see how my hair responds to them. Below are the essential hair products for fine natural…well, my fine natural hair.

long fine natural hair

From hairstyles to hair products, I know what my hair likes and doesn’t like. Below you’ll find my favorite hair care products. This page will be updated as I discover new products and as manufacturers change their formulas.

This may seem like a lot of products to some and not enough for others. Most importantly, these grouping of products are what I have found work really well in my fine natural hair. If you have hair that’s similar to mine, you may find success with these as well.

Minimalism isn’t about how much you have. It’s about only having what you love and use.

My Hair Stats

Color: Brown with Silver streaks

Curl type: Fine

Hair typing system type: 4A with sprinkles of 3C (nape and sides)

Density: Medium

2024 Length

  • Sides: Between Arm Pit and Bra Strap Length
  • Back: Between Bra Strap and Waist Length

Desired Length: Waist Length Overall

Firstly, instead of listing the hair products by group I listed them individually with their function. In addition, I included a link to where you can find each product in case you want to scoop any of them up.

Current Staple Hair Products

essential products for fine natural hair

Ominira Naturals Complete Hair Recovery Bundle: I use all 8 products in this line faithfully. They are available from Ominira Naturals individually as well. In this image is the growth potion, some of the individual products are also linked on this page.

Ominira Naturals Hair Growth Shampoo: Stimulating hair growth shampoo that’s helped me with keeping my scalp clean and stimulated for growing my hair out. (available from Ominira Naturals)

ominira hair growth shampoo

strengthening hair product

Ominira Naturals Ultimate Strength Silk Infusion Deep Conditioning Mask: Strength like none else and it’s also balanced to moisturize your hair so you don’t need a separate deep conditioning afterward (available from Ominira Naturals)

Ominira Naturals Tangle Slayer: the best darn detangler….PERIOD. The extreme slip makes detangling much faster (available from Ominira Naturals)

best detangling conditioner for natural hair

essential leave-in conditioner

Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner: I love this leave-in conditioner, it can be used in a number of ways: leave in, detangler, softener, co-wash. It’s available at Ulta Beauty, Sephora and Target.

Melanin Haircare Multi Use Pure Oil Blend: Pre-Poo, Sealant, Detangler, Hot Oil Treatment (available from Melanin Haircare)

essential hair oil

cassia curls moisture mask

Henna Sooq Hair Washes: When I’m not up for shampooing, I love to use Henna Sooq’s hair washes or co-washes. (available from Henna Sooq)

TGIN Miracle RepairX Deep Hydrating Hair Mask: Deep conditioning mask I like to use when I’m not using Ominira’s (available at Target and on Amazon)

2020 staple deep conditioner

Organic Amla Powder: I use Amla powder to create a pre-poo or to add to my deep conditioners to aid in hair growth and curl definition. I typically purchase from Henna Sooq but also on Amazon

Organic Shea Butter: a heavy sealant I like to use in the winter time (available on Amazon)

organic shea butter

coconut oil

Organic Coconut Oil: Pre-poo conditioner (available at Whole Foods or other grocery stores. I use various brands- whoever is on sale)

NOTE: Some ladies use coconut oil to seal. However, coconut oil can mimic a protein. So, the best way to use it is as a pre-poo because it will be washed out.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Extra dark) for: Sealing ends; Scalp Massages (available at Amazon)

Since I have fine hair, I do not use Jamaican Black Castor Oil (also referred to as JBCO) on the length of my hair. The only exception is when I’m twisting my hair for a protective style.

extra dark jbco

2020 staple hair products Curlmaker

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker for Styling: Twists, Wash ‘n Go’s and Smooth Buns (available at Target, Whole Foods, or Camille Rose Naturals direct – and, you can get this gel on the cheap when Camille Rose has a sale)

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Shrinkage Defense Curl Activator: for setting wash ‘n go’s and defining the most beautiful curls. (Available on Amazon)

creme of nature curl definer

edge tamer cbd

CBD & 24K Gold EdgeGro: Styler, Smooth Edges with flexible hold (available from Sam’s Beauty)

Beyond the Zone Heat Protectant: I straighten my hair a few times a year and when I do so I make sure to use this heat protectant (available at Sally’s Beauty)

beyond the zone heat protectant

That’s 21 hair products

They are mostly all natural and I love them all as essential hair products for fine natural hair.

Many ladies have nearly 100 products they use! That’s overwhelming for me and I don’t see how anyone can get to using them up before they spoil….unless they are doing their hair every single day.

You’ll notice that for some of the hair products I use, they serve double duty in my hair care routine. That’s one way I’m able to have just slightly more than a handful of store bought hair products at my disposal.

But wait, there’s more….

Favorite Herbs & Oils

2020 staple hair products

In addition, I also use essential oils and other herbs in my hair routine These are usually added to some of my store bought products and sometimes the occasional DIY.

As a result, the efficacy of my products gets better. This is in addition to the other added hair benefits.

You can find these essential oils on my Amazon shop here. Moreover, you’ll find other useful products in my shop.

Staple Essential Oils

However, the main essential oils and herbs I use include but are not limited to:

Rosemary Essential Oil: Stimulates hair growth

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Balances scalp

Peppermint Essential Oil: Stimulates hair growth

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: For the scalp; antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

Lavender Essential Oil: Stimulates hair growth,;prevents bacteria and fungi from growing in the scalp; helps with itching in the scalp

Notice that most of the essential oils are capable of stimulating hair growth.

The Main Herbs

amla and henna herbs for hair care

Organic Body Art Quality Henna (different brands): I used to use Henna as an alternative to full strength protein treatments but since I’m growing gray, I now only use it as a hair gloss for deep conditioning. I not longer use it for gray coverage.

Organic Amla: I mentioned it above but it bears repeating. Amla is great to Pre-poo with, improve curl manageability; stimulate hair growth when used to create an infused oil or hair scalp spritz

Clays for Cleaning

Here’s a DIY clay wash with essential oils. Notice the curl definition. This is a true clarifying cleanser.

DIY mud clay wash

Bentonite Clay: Cleanser, clarifier & detoxifier. Bentonite clay removes positively charged toxins and improves hair’s elasticity.

Rhassoul Clay: Also, a cleanser, clarifier & detoxifier. Rhassoul clay is also referred as Ghassoul clay and is more moisturizing than Bentonite clay. Removes negatively charged toxins.

Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf + Aloe Vera Juice: Pre-Poo, Ph Balancer

For more on the other herbs I use from time to time visit: My Full Collection of Herbal Hair Powders

One DIY Hair Product

Lastly, I use this DIY Goat’s Milk Conditioning Recipe when I’m feeling in the mood to DIY. It’s a balanced protein and deep conditioner treatment. The strength and moisture I receive is better than any store bought products.

goat milk conditioner recipe

In conclusion, while this may seem like a lot of hair products to have as staples, it’s not. Remember, minimalism is about having what you use and love.

That’s it for the essential hair products I’m using in my fine natural hair. Every few years or so my favorites change a little bit. I either remove a product or add a product. However, for the most part things remain consistent.