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Being a black woman with fine hair can be challenging but there’s still versatility for styling and more importantly we can have healthy hair. The fine natural hair tips you’ll discover on this site can make it happen for you.

To start, below is just a small subset of what you can expect to discover here on the blog, Fine Natural Hair and Faith. Aside from below, there’s everything from length retention to basic hair care maintenance. Dig in!

Let’s examine some of the key topics us sistas with microscopic fine strands need to focus on. Then, we will take a look at many of the easy hair styles that can be done on fine strands.

The fine natural hair tips compiled here on this blog are based on my personal experiences. I am not a licensed professional. A lot of what I learned is based on my trial and error experiments.

Thankfully, nothing of detriment has occurred!

The Goal

So, the fine natural hair tips I share are with one goal in mind: to help you stop hair breakage so you can retain length.

I recognize that not everyone’s goal is to grow long hair. Yet, that’s what is the primary focus of this blog. The main reason is because those of us with fine hair typically have difficulty growing our hair long because of how fragile it is.

However, there’s still much you can benefit from even if you’re not here for the tips on growing your hair through length retention. You’ll find things like:

You’ll also find scores of easy natural hairstyles.

Stop Breakage & Improve Length Retention

Caring for Fine Natural Hair is Easy When You Know How

As of 2013, I’ve been natural for over 10 years. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to care for my 3C/4A/B typed naturally curly hair. In the process, I’ve also discovered a ton of styling tips for fine natural hair like mine and have a lot of fun creating styles.

Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, you’ll find scores of tips that will help guide you on your way to a healthier head of hair using practical tips and God as your Source. I’ve linked the Hair categories at the bottom of this page.

Grab a natural hair planner or journal to help you nail your hair routines

Fine Natural Hair Tips: Length Retention

Fine Natural hair

Tips for Maintaining Length on Fine Natural Hair – Part 1

Tips for Maintaining Length on Fine Natural Hair – Part 2

Utilizing Protective Styles

protective style

Protective styling is a very effective means of retaining length. More importantly, when it comes to fine natural hair the less you handle it the better.

You’ll find protective styles that will inspire you to create your own. Here are just a few:

Get the Look: Milk Maid Braids Lazy Day Protective Style

One Month of Practical and Easy Protective Styles

Protective Styling Natural Hair and Making It Fun

Indian Herbal Hair Care

YouTube video

One of the greatest gifts from God for your hair care is natural herbs. That’s because herbs are so powerful – not just for your hair but for your health too!

I’ve discovered over time, how potent herbs can be and have experienced thicker, denser, and stronger hair because of them.

Visit the navigation above for herbal hair remedies and DIY hair recipes.

Two herbal hair guides

Below you’ll find a beginner’s guide to one of the most used herbs (Henna) for natural hair care. Then, below that is another resource with some tips on how to use natural oils in your hair:

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Using Henna on Natural Hair

The Many (and Mighty) Ways to Use Oils on Natural Hair

Tip: Don’t forget to visit the links in those resources. They all tie together to help you with your fine hair

Quick & Natural Hairstyles

frizz free curls
Base is a Twist Out

Here’s a couple more that were shared in the past:

Low Manipulation Hairstyling + Hairstyles

Finger Coils on Natural Hair

  • DIY-Herbal Hair – Articles linked in this category are referenced by some as Ayurvedic hair care. As a Christian, I don’t credit Ayurveda (a Hindu practice) but the Creator.
  • Growth and Retention – Here you’ll fine every tip imaginable to help you grow thin strands and keep them from breaking off
  • Hair Styling – Keeping things simple, the hairstyles here are either easy or fast!
  • Hair Regimens – What works for one may not work for another. Basically, I give you choices of hair regimens that work for fine natural hair
  • General Hair Info – This category is where I put basically anything that’s not about styling, herbs, hair growth, length retention, hair products or hair styling. In other words, you’ll find things like “How to organize your hair products.” That kind of thing.
  • Natural Hair Products – Here you’ll find my two cents on natural hair products that are loved and even those I don’t love so much

Lastly, for a bit of faith and inspiration visit this category.

While most of what’s shared here is about hair care and inspiration for those with fine strands, as a Christian I share on that as well. Sometimes you’ll discover I write articles on hair care that interwove the two.