Deep Conditioning Fine Hair: Everything You Need to Know

Articles on deep conditioning fine natural hair. Recommended deep conditioners for fine hair are at the bottom of the page.

deep conditioning fine natural hair

If you had a nickel for every time you washed your hair only to discover days later it was still feeling dry as the Sahara, would you be rich? OK not rich but could you at least go and buy a new article of clothing? Humph, it’s time to stop that madness. Let’s get rich some other way.

This may be a site for those with fine natural hair but one thing we can all agree on…

All hair types need deep conditioning at some point in time!

For those of us with kinky curly hair, deep conditioning is even more critical than for those with straight hair. That’s because natural hair is just drier by nature. It’s virtually impossible for the sebum generated from our scalps (responsible for naturally moisturizing our strands) to travel from the top of our strands to the bottom.

So, we have to be extra diligent to moisturize on a regular basis and the first step to obtaining moisturized hair is on the day you wash it and get your deep conditioning on.

Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, you’ll find a number of articles written about deep conditioning. So that you don’t have to search for them, I compiled them all right here on this page. While there are some articles also written on protein treatments, please note that the two are NOT the same.

A protein conditioner or protein treatment serves to fill in the gaps along a frayed strand of hair while also strengthening the hair. This is extra beneficial for fine natural hair which is vulnerable to breakage due to the circumference of the strands.

Purpose of The Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner has one true purpose and that is to restore a healthy moisture balance back to your hair. Often times a deep conditioner will contain other nutrients to feed the hair shaft but the ultimate goal is to reverse the state of dry hair.  Deep conditioners are just as beneficial as protein treatment/conditioners but one is no important than the other. You may even find that some deep conditioners contain a fair amount of protein. As a reminder, if you find that your hair is lacking in elasticity you may need to balance it out by deep conditioning with a product that does not contain portion.

Below you’ll find the articles that go into depth on all you need to know about deep conditioning your fine hair along with some bonus articles on protein treating your curly hair:

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Best Deep Conditioners for Fine Natural Hair (IMO)

These deep conditioners are the best. Yes, there are plenty of other good ones but the reason I prefer these particular deep condition products is due to how well they absorb into the hair strands without causing build up while also allowing you hair to retain moisture for days afterward. The fact that these also have great slip is a bonus.

honey and watermelon deep conditioner
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Tip: If your preferred deep conditioner doesn’t have enough slip, try adding a teaspoon of your favorite light weight natural oil (ex: Jojoba, Argan)

Do’s and Don’ts of Deep Conditioning

While the articles that are linked above going into great detail on how and why it’s important to deep condition, there’s a few other interesting articles on the web that contrast what you should and should not do when deep conditioning:

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