For us ladies with fine natural hair, we need to employ certain fine hair hacks if we want to achieve good results as it relates to styling and even caring for our hair. Those with thicker strands can often do much more with their hair. They can even do much less and achieve great results.

fine hair hacks

Well, I got you girl (or guy).

Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, I’m sharing all the tips, tricks, and hacks I can find to help you with your fine hair. Many of the tips I have done and am still doing because I’ve got big goals too!

What You’ll Find

Below, you’ll find what I’ve assembled what I think to be the best of the best fine hair hacks on the web. These aren’t just the basic ways to care for fine natural hair posts. You know what I’m referring to. Those articles that show up on the first page of Google because they either paid to be there or they did some fancy search engine optimization. It’s those articles that are really more aimed at selling you a hair product.

Well, that’s not what this page is about. There’s nothing wrong with those types of articles but that’s not what I aim to share.

What you’ll find here are the tips and tricks that help fine hair to style, well better. And, while most of these fine hair hacks are related to styling, you’ll find some tips and tricks for washing and conditioning fine hair as well. You’ll even find a nice piece on the best way to sleep with fine curly hair.

Without delay, below you’ll find articles written by 5 authors (including yours truly). These articles share over 35 different hacks to benefit fine natural hair! You’re welcome 🙂

The articles are linked by title. Starting with my own, let’s get it:

The Best Fine Hair Hacks from Fine Natural Hair and Faith

long loose two strand twists

Tips and Tricks for Twisting Fine Natural Hair

This article shares tips and tricks for twisting your hair as a means of low manipulation styling that helps you with length retention.

You’ll not only find tips for twisting your hair. You’ll also find tips for maintaining the twists and your scalp too.

twist out ponytail

Hack to Make Fine Hair Bigger in a Ponytail

There are techniques and tools that can be used to make your hair look fuller, especially when styling it in a ponytail.

In this article, I share the tools, products and techniques I use to get a bigger, fuller ponytail on my fine natural hair. This is no easy feat without this fine hair hack!

Fun Fact: this hair hack is actually one of a number of hacks to help fine hair appear more voluminous. You’ll find the others in this article here.

2020 staple hair products

Hack for Using Shea Butter on Fine Hair

When you have fine hair, many products can weigh your hair down causing it to look stiff and lifeless. This hack shows you how to make Shea butter so it doesn’t weight your fine tresses down.

Hack for Crown Volume

This one is a video and a very quick hack for fine natural hair. You will see results immediately And, no there’s no teasing involved. I want you to actually keep your hair on your head!

Best Fine Hair Hacks from Shelli of Hairscapades

Hairscapades is one the best resources for fine hair hacks. Shelli (the creator) no longer updates the blog (and now the site shows as private) but there’s still timeless information on the site. Here are two of the best hacks for fine hair that Shelli’s shared to date:

Quick Tip for Wig Caps

This hack is genius. For those of us with fine hair, no matter how much we moisturize, frizz can ruin our hair styles. Shelli shares a fantastic tip on how to use wig caps to help your hairstyle to look smooth and remain virtually frizz free. Wig caps aint just for wigs anymore!

deep conditioning hack

Cool and Seal Deep Conditioning Hack

This hair hack isn’t just for fine hair and it wasn’t actually created by Shelli. She reshaped it but she also honed in on how to make this work best for us fine hair girls. Basically, you dilute a conditoner in cool water and you rinse out your deep conditioner with it. Normally, you’d rinse out your deep conditioner and then use a rinsing conditioner.

With the Cool and Seal method, you apply a diluted rinsing conditioner over the deep conditioner and rinse them out together.

Thank me later for sharing this one. It’s a game changer in more ways than one. The biggest benefit is how your ability to retain moisture will be increased.

Best Hacks from Cosmopolitan

hair hacks from cosmo

Hacks for Fuller (Appearing) Hair

I wouldn’t normally recommend hacks meant for straight or relaxed hair but these will definitely work for us naturals with fine hair as well. Just ignore hack #9 on teasing. Teasing hair is a garbage hack for creating volume. I think you figured that out from my comment on achieving crown volume above.

The problem with teasing is doing so repeatedly can literally shred fine strands. However, the other hacks are great for fine hair. Number 5 is especially useful. Pineapple anyone?

The Holistic Enchalada’s Fine Hair Hacks

tips for fine curly hair

Tips for Low Density & Fine Curly Hair

Delilah from the Holistic Enchilada shares some tips for low density and fine curly hair. In the above linked post, she provides product tips and styling tips. What I find to be a great fine hair hack is how she determines which ingredients in products weigh fine hair down. The image to your right summarizes it all.

Hack from a Freelancer on Healthline

benefit of sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase

Tricks for Sleeping with Curly Hair

This article from a freelancer on offers some good tricks for sleeping with curly hair.

The tip provided on using a leave in conditioner containing keratin is a good one. If you read nothing else, pay attention to that one. Seriously, check that full article linked above.

If you are a content creator and have written a piece on hacks for those with naturally curly hair that’s ALSO fine please feel free to contact me for inclusion. These tips must be hacks. Hacks are things that help us to save time or money and/or helps make things better.