5 Best Hair Care Tips for Fine Hair

Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, you’ll find the best hair tips for fine hair. Sometimes those tips are related to styling. Sometimes they are related to length retention and many topics in between.

With the many ways you’ll find people share on to care for fine hair, I’m sharing with you the ones I discovered for myself to be the best of the best. Without further ado…

best hair tips for fine natural hair

1) Embrace Your Hair Type

When you embrace the fragility and idiosyncrasies of your fine hair, you’re better able to care for it. You’ll let go of unrealistic styling expectations. You’ll also not be deterred by hair care methods or resources that won’t support your specific hair type.

2) Make Strength Treatments a Regular Part of Your Routine

As you know, fine hair is fragile by nature. The day in and day out of caring for it takes a toll on fine hair. That’s why making strength treatments a regular part of your hair care routine are imperative. This could be using natural herbs like henna, store bought protein treatments or DIY protein treatments. Whichever strengthener you use, be consistent with it.

3) Handle Your Hair Carefully

Back to fragility again…One of the best hair care tips you can follow is to handle your hair carefully. Doing so encompasses a number of things including:

– Opting to detangle your hair with your fingers before reaching for a comb or brush, if at all
– Avoiding hairstyles that tug and pull at your hair
– Doing low maintenance and protective styles that allow your hair to “rest” but also “breathe”

4) Clump Your Curls

I talk about clumping your curls in this post here. The basic premise is there’s “safety in numbers.” Check the post out to see what I mean. When you clump your curls, you help prevent breakage.

5) Extra Protect Certain Sections of Your Fine Hair

This will be different for everyone but to further explain, I’ll use my own hair as an example.

My nape and my crown are the two sections of my fine hair that need extra protection.

The crown tends to be the driest most fragile part of my hair so it requires me to add extra product to that area so it stays moisturized and conditioned. My nape is very fine and prone to tangling. So, I have to keep that area covered with a heavy oil like Haitian Black Castor Oil. I talk about this method in this video here:

YouTube video

You’ll find many more tips for fine natural hair here. These are just 5 you can start with. I consider them the best hair tips for fine natural hair.

What’s your favorite hair tip?

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