Fine Hair Hacks that Actually Work to Volumize Natural Hair

Last updated on July 31st, 2020 at 06:32 pm

wash and go hair challenge

These blessed tresses. Yes, they are fine and they are more fragile than heftier weighted strands but they are still blessed because they are God given. Because the Lord gave them, they are good. Amen? Amen.

Now, just because our strands are blessed doesn’t mean we can just let them hang around and fend for themselves. We have to do specific things to our fine hair to give it more volume.  I’ve been dealing with fine hair for over 48 years; it’s those fine hair hacks that I’m going to share that I’ve discovered work for our type of hair. Some I have photos for, some I don’t have photos for but the hacks are all self explanatory.

If you need help for your fine hair, look no further for fine hair hacks that actually work. You’ll find people sharing all sorts of hacks that are supposed to help those dealing with fine hair and not all of them work. These are the ones that do.

Hacks for adding Volume to Fine Hair

    1. Make your ponytail look fuller by separating it into two, placed closely together, on on top of the other. Simultaneously, your ponytail will also appear longer. SunkissAlba on YouTube demonstrates it here.
    2. Another way to make your ponytail look fuller is by stretching the elastic band used to secure it and pin it down in a manner that stretches it wider and stays in place.
      twist out ponytail
    3. Give your style more volume by putting your hair in a pineapple over night. A pineapple is a high ponytail. When left in for an extended period of time, your hair will have more volume. This works especially well when doing a wash and go on fine natural hair. Notice how the wash ‘n go on the left is flatter. Then, on the right the pineapple method was used over night. much more volume all around
      shrinkage on fine hairlaying edges on fine natural hair
    4. Having your hair cut in layers gives it more volume, thereby allowing your hair the ability to hold a style better.
    5. Allow curly hair that’s mildly damp to continue drying in a loose top knot. When releasing those curls, they will have more volume.
      Curly Bun
    6. Start doing regular henna treatments, as in every single week. Henna adds weight to fine strands, building up on the hair shaft over time. OK this isn’t really a hack but it’s worth mentioning. I’ve noticed a significant difference in the thickness of my strands. I’ve been doing full strength henna treatments on a quarterly basis for a few years but now I also do henna glosses weekly. Two months ago, I incorporated cassia glosses into my regimen and alternate between the two.
      fine hair hacks

    Wading through all the supposed hacks for fine hair, the ones just shared above definitely work and will help your fine hair to have more volume.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the post. I was wondering with the henna and cassie glosses, are they making the hair shaft thicker or just coating it? If I stopped doing the weekly glosses will my hair strands be fine again?
    Thank you very much,


    1. Hi, the glosses help to strengthen the structural integrity of the hair from within over long periods of time so that hair can retain more length. As for the thickness of each strand, there is a coating that occurs (not harmful). Even with regular use, if your hair is fine it’s fine. That doesn’t change. The ayurvedic herbs help to “plump” the strands up some but it’s not drastically changing your hair type

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