New Year Healthy Hair Goals

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 10:11 pm

Can you believe we are about to wrap up another year?? Before entering the new year, it’s important to set your goals in advance. Notice I said goals and not resolutions. Goals are more sustainable and require a lot of thought and continued actions to reach. As it relates to hair (since that’s what this blog is typically about), I like to set healthy new year hair goals.

new year hair goals

How Many Hair Goals Should You Have?

When setting your healthy hair goals for the new year, they can be as few or as many as you would like but it’s much easier to hit your target when you don’t have too many to shoot at. You know what I mean?

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As a rule of thumb, I like to have no more than two or three hair goals per year. Sometimes those goals are a repeat from the previous year because I didn’t hit my goal for one reason or another.

Reasons You May Not Reach Your Hair Goals

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve found that the reasons for not reaching hair goals could be one of the following:

  • You are distracted. Either you didn’t pay attention to the steps you need to take for yourself or you were too busy looking at other people’s heads of hair, taking valuable attention away from your own.
  • The goal was unrealistic. Let’s say you have a goal to grow your hair to waist length and your starting point is collar bone. That goals is much too lofty because you need to give your hair time to grow, go through setbacks, trims etc.
  • You failed to properly plan. Just like with any other goal you set for your life, you need a plan in place to help you to reach that goal. For hair goals, ask yourself if you have a set plan in place with actionable steps to help you achieve them. For example, I had a goal to retain more length. That wasn’t as specific as it could have been but I did reach my goals.

    The reasons I reached the goal was because for an entire year I followed a plan that I created and implemented consistently. It was a series of Monthly Simplified Hair Plans (click that link to read about it in the kickoff month of January 2021.

My Personal Hair Goals for 2022

Now that we’ve gotten a better of understanding on how to set hair goals and what could potentially derail them, let me share with you my personal new year hair goals for 2022.

Goal #1 – Grow my hair out an additional 4 inches

This hair goal is achievable because hair grows on an average 6 inches a year. I’m allowing 2 inches of “mishaps” aka hair breakage. However, the way I plan to reach that goal (and maybe exceed it) is:

Goal #2 – Prevent my hair from tangling

This goal is closely associated to healthy hair goal number one. Reduce the tangles in your hair and you’ll retain more length. The way I plan to achieve this goal is:

  • Keeping my hair stretched – Even if I do a wash and go (which I will pin up to protect my ends), I will make sure my curls are stretched.
  • Blowing my hair out during the cooler months. I have been using the RevAir reverse air hair dryer for over a year and it is my go-to tool for blowing my hair out because it’s so gentle, you hardly lose any hair when blowing your hair out. Plus, it doesn’t cause heat damage like traditional hair dryers.

That’s it friends. Just 2 healthy hair goals for the new year of 2022.

Do you have any hair goals you are looking to achieve? Share them in the comments section. I’d be happy to help provide tips to help you reach them.

In my next post I’ll share the hair routines that will complete my hair regimen for 2022. Here’s a sneak peak of the new hair care planner I created (now available on Etsy) to help me build it all out:

hair planner

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