Tips for Choosing a Date Night Hairstyle

Last updated on November 25th, 2019 at 04:57 pm

Tips for choosing your perfect hairstyle for date night or Valentine’s Day 🙂

valentine's day hairstyle

Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away! Last week I shared an elegant hairstyle you could try for Valentine’s Day. It may not be to your liking or maybe you have something else in mind. (Don’t worry I’m not offended :-))

The image you are looking at above with all the cascading curls, is very simple to do and can be dressed up to your liking. Before, I share the tutorial, I wanted to provide you with some tips on choosing your own hairstyle for not only Valentine’s Day but any date night:

  • What do you want your significant other (or one time date) to think when he sees you? Sweet and innocent? Naughty girl? Elegant and put together? Your hairstyle should reflect how you want your date to see you.
    • Sleek updos speak to being elegant and put together. When you style your hair in a manner that every hair is in place, you’re telling your date that you’ve got class and you mean business.
    • Loose body waves or spiral curls can make you appear playful and innocent (Don’t I look kind of innocent? lol). So many looks can be created with waves or curls that are cute and playful. You can use flexi-rods, Curlformers, or do a braid or twist out to get the look you want to achieve.
    • Want to appear naughty? Something bold like a razored mohawk style may do the trick. I can’t speak much to this sort of style because I’m a good girl. LOL. Well, actually that’s not why. I just tend to do styles that are more of a cross between the first two. If you’re a true bad girl at heart, you won’t have any trouble creating the look you desire. Werk!

Now, about the style I shared earlier…

This style was done on a braid out and can be amped up with more volume depending on your hair type, hair length and the products used. Here’s a video sharing how I did it:

YouTube video

Do you know how you’re going to wear your hair this Valentine’s Day?

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