3 Essential Oils You Should Add to Your Hair Care Regimen

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 02:16 pm

Narrowing down the best essential oils for healthy hair and growth


Essential oils are good for more than just naturally scenting your hair products. There are so many essential oils available with the ability to infuse new life into your hair. Or at the very least, get rid of fungus 🙂

Not the essential oil expert, more of an enthusiast and still learning, I have discovered 3 essential oils that I am glad I introduced into my hair care regimen:

Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil and Eucalyptus Oil

Each of these oils are anti-fungal which can help to extend the life of hair products that you may whip up on your own. Other than their anti-fungal properties, these oils are real do-gooders for your hair:

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is an age old essential oil used for many conditions but it’s most famous for use as an anti-fungal agent. However, tea tree oil is also great for itchy scalp. It calms inflammation.

A healthy head of hair can only be achieved if you have a healthy scalp. That’s most important. Once your scalp is healthy, your hair can be healthy.  Tea tree oil benefits your hair and your scalp.

It has the ability to clarify the hair, effectively removing build up. You can apply a few drops to your sulfate free shampoo or you can massage a few drops into your scalp and allow the residual amount to flow down the hair strands.

Some people are unable to use essential oils undiluted on their skin because they can be quite potent. Therefore, it’s best to dilute them with carrier oils. I prefer to use Jojoba Oil as a carrier oil when using in my hair because it’s the closest natural oil to the sebum that comes from your scalp.


Rosemary oil doesn’t have the most pleasant scent but in it’s defense it’s a great essential oil for stimulating hair growth and preventing premature hair fall. When you dilute rosemary oil with a carrier oil (Jojoba!) you can massage the oil mix into your scalp a few times a week, focusing on thinning areas or areas that you may want to thicken up.


This may be my favorite oil of the three. It’s so stimulating and makes my scalp feel awake – not only awake but clean. It alleviates itchy scalp and adds strength to the hair follicles so your hair grows in healthy and strong.  To stimulate growth in my scalp, I add a few drops of this precious oil along with double the drops of peppermint oil (for extra oomph) to a base of Jojoba oil. If you do the Inversion method, this oil combo will knock your socks off with growth stimulation. It’s also amazing when you warm it up 🙂

While these three essential oils are what I recommend for stimulating hair growth, I am also a fan of using EOs for scenting DIY recipes. I prefer these over fragrance oils which are synthetic. My two favorite scenting oils are sweet orange and lemongrass.

What are your favorite essential oils to add to your hair regimen?

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  1. Nanda Prasanna says:

    I regularly use almond and castor oil for my hair care. These are my favourites too. They absorb really well and are great in body care products.

    1. hi Nanda, thanks for commenting. The almond oil appears to be even lighter than Jojoba.

  2. Girl, you hit the nail on the head with the rosemary. That stuff is fun-kay! I received a product for review that was rosemary scented and I darn near gagged lol

    I’m not a big fan of tea tree essential oil, either. It’s too strong for, even when it’s diluted in another product. I don’t think I’ve ever been much of an essential oil fan at all. I tried them once for the scent but they don’t last long enough for me. Eh.

    1. ha! I don’t use them for scenting as much….except for Peppermint and other more citrusy EOs

  3. My favorite oil is coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, are my favorite, but i do used other oils, i would love to try the eucalyptus oil the rosemary oil, i heard alot of goods things about these oils, i do like the tea tree oil, i try that one before its good though. thanks for sharing

    1. I love Jojoba and Grapeseed also. Me and JBCO don’t get as long as well but I’m loving the Apricot Castor Oil from Thirsty Roots…it’s cold pressed vs. heated

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