Tips to Upgrade Your Hair Care Regimen

Last updated on November 16th, 2019 at 08:41 pm

Tips on how to better care for your hair.

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Working through the focus of new beginnings in beauty for the month of January, today we’re going to talk about some ways that you can makes changes to your hair care regimen. I like to call these changes “upgrades” because they will more than likely be aligned with the learnings you glean from your ongoing hair journey.

Once you have taken the time out to learn your hair (natural or relaxed), you may want to make some changes to your hair care regimen. Here’s a few tips to help you on the journey:

  1. Cut back on hair products. It may sound counter-productive but when you are trying to solidify your hair regimen, the less products you use the better. Using a variety of products with all sorts of ingredients can cause your hair to be “confused.” A solid hair care regimen has more focus than confusion.
  2. Eliminate or cut back on the use of cheap hair products. I know there are ladies who love their cheapie drug store conditioners. However, when a product is made with junk and you put junk on your hair, what do you think the long term result will be? Products with wholesome and safe ingredients in them are far better for your hair.
  3. Do what works for your hair, not the next woman. This tip should really be number 1. I learned this one the hard way. In my quest for retaining length with protective/low manipulation styling I installed mini twists in my hair. It seemed like a lot of naturals were doing it and maintaining length. The problem is my hair is not their hair. I have fine hair and putting mini twists in my hair requires a lot of manipulation. Also, when it’s time to take them out, because my hair is very fine it would break. Now, I know that mini twists are not for everyone. Certainly not me.
  4. Add a protein treatment to your regimen. I often hear that the key to healthy afro textured hair is moisture, moisture, moisture. That’s only partly right. Your hair needs a balance of moisture AND protein to be healthy and strong. If you aren’t using protein in your hair regimen, adding 1 treatment per month can greatly upgrade your hair health. This is especially important if you chemically treat or heat style your hair. These hair practices damage the protein structure of the hair.
  5. Moisturize more frequently. Conversely, just as protein is required for healthy hair, moisture is equally important. If your hair seems dry after moisturizing during the day, you may need to moisturize again at night. There’s no written rule on how often you need to moisturize your hair other than, as needed.
  6. Shift the focus from what you put on your hair to what you put into your body. Many times we are looking for the “magic” conditioner or styling product to make our hair longer or healthier. In fact, the food we eat and the amount of water we drink should be the first basis of any healthy hair care regimen. If you aren’t doing so, upgrade your hair regimen by drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables.
  7. Try something new. Sometimes upgrading your hair regimen only requires you to try a new hair care technique or product that you’ve never tried before. Maybe something like the Greenhouse Effect, or a henna treatment can help take your hair to the next level.

This year is all about improvement. Every year you should strive to be better and more beautiful. I hope these tips help!

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  1. For winter, I bring out my moisturizers with glycerin for moisture/softness without ‘poof’ and protective style more. Everything else stays the same ’cause I have a moisture-focused hair care routine year round.

    1. Glycerin doesn’t quite agree with my hair all the time. Glad it’s working for your consistently.

  2. 4 and 6 are gold. I think I’ve mentioned to you the breakage issues I was having. I’ve since starting using protein treatments to combat this.

    And eating well is the most important tip at all. A lot of time we’re so focused on popping pills and finding the next miracle product that we forget to focus on the basics.

    My diet and exercise routine suck. I know I’ll never reach my full growth potential until I improve. Unfortunately, this is also my toughest hurdle.

    1. I know how you feel about the diet part. That’s why it’s good to take supplements. Even though what we get from food is much better..

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