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Amla and Brahmi are two herbs for hair care that compliment each other. Usually, if you are using Brahmi, you are using Amla right along with it. Here’s why…

Amla and Brahmi herbs for hair care

Amla Benefits

Amla is an herb native to the tropical areas of India. Also called Indian Gooseberry, it contains high levels of vitamin C as well as fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and protein.

Because of its wonderful properties, Amla nourishes, strengthens and conditions the hair naturally. Also, because it has anti-bacterial properties, Amla helps to clean and disinfect the hair.

When regularly used as a hair mask, Amla can thicken up fine strands, eliminate frizz, and add shine. It’s commonly used with henna to enhance hair color.

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Not that many months ago, Amla became a serious staple in my hair regimen. It’s an herb for hair care that I use just about every wash day now.

Brahmi Benefits

Brahmi is an herb native to the north eastern regions of India. It promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation in the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles and leading to a reduction of hair loss.

If you struggle with split ends, thinning hair or dry scalp, you’ll want to use Brahmi powder for herbal hair care.

Just like Amla is commonly used with henna, Brahmi is commonly used with Amla. The Creator has given us herbs for healing. It is said that “Brahmi calms and restores while Amla enlivens and rejuvenates”

Amla & Brahmi Uses


To use Brahmi in your hair, you’ll want to add a tablespoon of the powder combined with Amla. Simply, mix the two powders into yogurt or coconut milk to form a paste.

You can also mix Brahmi with Amla and a bit of Shikakai to create a gentle cleanser for the hair.

Lastly, you can create a pre-poo by mixing these two herbal powders with coconut oil and a little water until a paste like consistency forms. Apply to your hair and leave on for a 1/2 hour before washing.

fine hair thickened with amla

This post is part of the Herbs for Hair Care Series

Both of these herbs are powerful in their own right. Moreover, you can experience the many benefits of Amla and Brahmi by using them alone or together.

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  1. Edris Thompson says:

    Thanks Michelle I have fine like you and so frustrated at times not knowing what to do I didn’t know I could use henna in my deep conditioner thanks again for all the tips

  2. Hello! How much yogurt or coconut milk do I add?

    1. hi, you can just mix to the desired consistency. Start out with a small amount and slow add more until you reach your desired consistency.

  3. Very informative. Thanks for sharing as we all need great advice 👍

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