5 Reasons Women Committed to Their Natural Hair Will Never Return to Relaxers

Last updated on April 24th, 2024 at 05:25 pm

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It doesn’t much matter how long you have been natural once you’ve decided to stay committed to your natural hair. As time ticks on and you continue getting to know your hair (because you never really stop), you will realize you are among the committed group of women who will never return to using the “creamy crack.”

There’s likely more than five reasons why a woman will never return to using a relaxer once she’s decided to commit to her natural hair. I’m providing you with what I believe to be the top five, having been committed to my own natural hair for over 15 years now.

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Reason #1: Damage

They recognize that relaxers are formulated with damaging chemicals that cause thinning and balding of the hair.

Reason #2: Appearance

They notice their hair looks fuller and healthier even with the issues those of us with natural hair face. Issues like single strand knots and drying. Those issues pale in comparison to the the limp hair we experienced when relaxed.

Reason #3: Strength

They have experienced stronger more resilient hair since going natural. Why turn back?

Reason #4: Health

They realize its not about the length but about the health of the hair. Yes it may seem a bit easier to grow longer hair when it’s relaxed. There aren’t any grooves and turns to get caught on. When hair is straight, it doesn’t tangle as easily. However, how healthy are those strands? Natural hair may require more time to care for but it’s much healthier as evidenced by its strength.

Reason #5: God’s Creation

Last but certainly not least, they’ve learned to embrace what God has created. If He meant for someone to have kinky, curly or straight hair, what a slap in the face it must be when we decide to permanently alter what He created. On top of that, there’s the use of a harmful combination of chemicals to do it. Notice I said ‘permanently.’ That’s because I’m not referring to someone choosing to style their differently for a short period of time. Ex: Straight hair using rollers to wear a curly style or curly hair using a flat iron to straighten. Both types of hair eventually return to their God given texture.

Natural hair is truly beautiful. The texture, the look the feel; it’s all unique. There’s not one head of natural hair around that’s the same. Let’s stop giving credence to the biggest reason some ladies refuse to embrace their natural hair. That reason that says “natural hair isn’t for me.”

Natural hair IS for everybody because it’s how you were born. The reason for not choosing to care for your hair as it naturally grows out of your scalp is really nothing more than an excuse for not knowing how to care for your hair.

Just like one should do whatever is necessary to learn how to care for the physical body, the same goes for hair. It is after all, part of your physical body.


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