Winter Hair Care Myths Debunked

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I’m thankful to no longer be a veteran where caring for my natural hair is concerned. I’ve invested time into learning how to care for my natural hair, discovered what it is that works for my hair as well as some of the myths that are keeping others in bondage. OK, bondage is probably too strong a word but you get my drift.

When it comes to busting myths, today I’m focusing on winter hair care and those things that people have been led to believe that just aren’t true. Here we go:

Myth #1
Hair breakage happens more in the winter

Hair is prone to breakage at any time you have abused your hair. While the winter serves us up a colder climate that can dry your hair out, that dry climate isn’t any more responsible for hair breakage than the summer climate. You can get just as much breakage in the summer as in the winter. Chlorine from swimming, over exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and neglecting to do any protective styling when it’s warm out (because you think you don’t need to), can all cause hair breakage.

Myth #2
You can care for your hair in the winter the same way you care for it the rest of the year.

While this is certainly something many ladies choose to do, your hair really does need a lot more love in the winter months. For example, replacing oils with butters for sealing is quite beneficial in the winter. It helps to protect your hair’s moisture levels.

Myth #3
You have to protective style throughout the winter to retain length.

Protective styling is a good practice to have year round but you don’t have to do it 100% of the time just because it’s winter. You can certainly wear your hair out from time to time without breakage. One way to do so is to put your hair up while you are outdoors and while commuting. Then, take your hair down and let your tresses “shine” when you get to your destination.

Myth #4
You should wash your hair less often in the winter to prevent it from drying out.

Washing your hair does not dry it out unless you are either using products that dry it out or you are neglecting to protect it from hygral fatigue (damage caused due to swelling and contracting of the hair during the wash process). Washing your hair imparts moisture.  Applying a pre-poo can help prevent hygral fatigue. You should wash your hair more often when you use lots of product (remember those butters?) and that could very well be in the winter. Washing it less often when it needs to be washed could actually yield a negative effect due to product build up.

People come up with all sorts of do’s and don’ts as it relates to hair care. However, many of the don’ts are simply myths. Don’t allow anyone to put you into “bondage” (there goes that word again).  Discover what works for your hair and if it’s working, don’t stop doing what you’re doing just because someone said you should.

What do you think is a myth as it relates to hair care in the winter?


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  1. Good tips. One myth is that water will dry your hair out. You can use water on your hair just make sure you have your favorite oil on top after you spritz it to keep the moisture in.

  2. Very good points, where did you get your hat from?

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