You Have to Try This Minimalist Natural Hair Regimen Right Now

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022 at 02:13 pm

I’ve been following a mostly Indian herbal hair care regimen for quite some time now. This method of hair care only requires single ingredient all natural items making it a minimalist natural hair regimen.

minimalist natural hair regimen

When transitioning to a different set of hair routines, you want to make as few changes at once as possible. You also want to move in steps. This will eliminate a lot of confusion.

Changing all of your hair products at once not only causes overwhelm, it prevents you from really knowing what it is that your hair favors or intensely dislikes. That’s why you don’t want to switch everything at once.

When I first started changing my hair regimen, I kept using shampoo and cleansing conditioners every week and only switched out 1 product at a time.

I switched out my regular store bought cleansers for clays and herbal shampoo bars.

I’ll continue to use natural deep conditioners to create hair glosses like henna or cassia glosses in the interim but my next phase was to cut out my store bought deep conditioners and replace them hair masks made with single all natural single ingredients like honey, coconut milk and mashed avocado.

Let’s take a look at a minimalist natural hair regimen you can try start right now. I’m pretty sure you already have everything you need.

1 Step Pre-Poo/Detangle/Cleanse/Deep Condition

Take the oil of your choice (coconut and olive preferred for an effective pre-poo), mix it with a cleansing conditioner, work it through your hair in sections while finger detangling (a large tooth comb optional).

Depending on the length and density of your hair, this can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour.

When you’re done working your pre-poo/detangle/cleanser mixture through your hair, throw on a plastic cap and sit under a warm conditioning cap for 15 mins. Then, hop in the shower (or rinse it all out at the sink) while smoothing your hair’s cuticles and massaging your scalp.

Why This Minimalist Natural Hair Regimen is Great

Using a mixture containing oil adds slip to aid with detangling as well as providing your hair with protection during washing.

Both coconut and olive oil help prevent hygral fatigue (protein loss caused during the hair washing process). They also both serve as natural conditioners for your hair.

A cleansing conditioner has properties that help you to clean and condition your hair. When it’s time to rinse your mix of products out, your scalp will be clean and your hair will be clean & conditioned in the process.

Massaging your scalp is taken care of during the rinse out process when your scalp’s pores are open. It also cuts out the need for a second step in your natural hair regimen since the oils are already in your hair.

Notice you only use two products: (oil + cleansing conditioner) making this minimalist natural hair regimen great for your budget.

Plus, It is such a simple and easy way to get your hair clean and in great condition when you are short on time or just being plain lazy! Just be sure that you do take at least one day out of the month to clarify your hair.

Often times when we use conditioners (even cleansing conditioners), we get a bit of product build up. You don’t want that because it causes your hair to look drab and have difficulty receiving moisture. Plus, there’s nothing like a full spa day for your hair!

What About Minimal Styling?

When it comes to styling your natural hair as part of a minimalist hair regimen, the same principle applies. Less is more.

For ladies like myself who have fine hair, styling should be very minimal to prevent breakage.

Here are 3 ways I incorporate hair styling into a natural hair regimen based on minimalism:

– Stretching my t-shirt dried hair in 4 ponytails using the banding method until dry, followed by one big protective bun for the rest of the week

– Putting my t-shirt dried hair in 6-8 large twists which are stretched either in large rollers or banded in 2 ponytails until dry. I then proceed to wear those twists in a bun until they get fuzzy or I release them for a twist out

– The Wash ‘n Go. It’s a very simple way to set your curls for a few days without having to manipulate them again.

So, how about it. Are you open to trying this minimalist natural hair regimen?

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  1. Love the site, i have fine natural hair as well, passed shoulder length. How does your detangling take 15-30 minutes?…. mine takes 1.5-2 hours so I do that step the night before, am taking more time to reduce breakage coz I’ve had more breakage in the passed, I see that the slower I go, the less breakage… sometimes it can take 3 hours and my hair isn’t that long!

    1. Hi and happy new year!

      I keep my hair stretched for the most part except I summer when I’ve worn a wash and go. I also wash weekly (except winter) so my hair doesn’t get a chance to get very detangled.

      Do you work in sections? I used to work in 4 sections but now I work in 6. The method I share in this post allows your hair to almost self detangle once you run it under the water. I used to detangle with the conditioner and oil outside Of the shower but doing nearly everything in the shower makes it even faster

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