5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Sucks

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:51 pm

natural hair

Nobody wants to be told their natural hair sucks. Natural hair is the bomb dot com! Who cares what anybody else thinks.


Suckiness (ay, I’m coining a new word here 🙂 ) is more about perception than reality. How YOU perceive your natural hair to be is much more important than what somebody else’s opinion of it is. And if you think your natural hair sucks, then here are a few potential reasons why:

1- You don’t have an established hair care regimen. You wash whenever, moisturize only when you discover your hair is dry and deep condition on occasion. Basically, you have no definitive plan to keep your hair healthy and looking good.

2. You’re trying way too many products. So, you binge watch Youtube videos (been there, done that) and now you are trying this product and that product just because you “heard” it was fresh (yes, y’all I’m from the 80s).

3. You need a trim. Health over length. You’ve heard it time and again…and it’s true. With health comes length so if your ends are scraggly and raggedy, for the love of natural hair, get a trim. It will grow back….Promise.

4. You don’t know how to style it. We all want to try that sexy twisted, pinned to the side and flipped to the front do. Does it even work with your face? Another problem is, your natural hair may not be capable of doing all of that. It may even cause YOUR hair some breakage (Check out this article on 10 Reasons That Natural Hair Style Tutorial Didn’t Work for You) which brings me to my final point.

5. You’e handling your hair way too much. Low manipulation is key for most but critical to those with fine hair. Constantly touching your hair causes constant damage. You lose a little protein and moisture every time you handle your hair so doing so only when needed will help extend the life cycle of your strands.

Do you think your natural hair sucks? Or maybe you did at one time. If so, do any of these “reasons” ring a bell? Chime off in the comments section below.


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