Summer Fine Hair Tips to Protect Your Strands

As of the writing of this post, the warm weather is upon us in may areas. Because of the increase in temperature (and ultimately humidity), there are some things you need to do to protect your hair. The tips you’ll find below will help you manage your fine hair in summer so it’s protected.

fine hair in summer

Without further ado, let’s start with one of the most important summer fine hair tips.

Safety in Numbers

You’ll likely wear your hair out more often in the summer. That’s OK. But the one tip I offer you is for you to keep your curls clumped.

I like to call clumping, “safety in numbers.”

When you wear your hair curly, ensuring the individual hairs clump together will help to protect them from the elements.

There’s also strength in numbers. Fine hairs individually are vulnerable but together, they protect each other.

preventing breakage in fine hair

Protective Styling Fine Hair in Summer

Too often, ladies think that protective styling is just for the winter time. On the contrary, protective styling your hair is a good practice to follow year round.

Hair can become a bit dehydrated in the summer. It’s also exposed to the beaming hot sun. So, engaging in protective styling a few days out of the week is beneficial. Much of your hair can be hidden away via braids, buns and wearing hats while still remaining stylish.

Moisture Boosts

Just like protective styling helps with preventing dehydrated hair, so does giving your hair periodic moisture boosts.

When the temperatures are very hot (especially in dry climates), fine hair in summer can quickly become dehydrated.

Water is a great hydrator. So, consider giving your fine strands more frequent drinks of it.

Steaming is another method that tends to be reserved for the winter but can also benefit your hair in summer.

Ensure your hair is adequately moisturized can help with frizz too. Although, frizz isn’t always caused by dry hair. It can actually give fine hair a boost of volume but I digress.

fine hair

Light Weight Products with SPF

Last but not least, I recommend using light weight hair products that contain some form of sunscreen (The Curly Hair Lounge shares a lot of information on Natural Sun Protection for Curly Hair here. Especially, if you don’t like wearing hats and intend to spend lots of time outdoors.

There are different types of hair products containing SPF that are fine hair friendly. In this article on Must Have Summer Products for Fine Hair, I recommend some.

If you have fine hair, then you know how easily it can be damaged. It doesn’t even need to be summer time. Any season with extreme weather can pose challenges. Employ some or all of these tips to help you care for your fine hair in summer.

summer fine hair tips

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