The Cons Of Using Recycled Parts in Your Hair

Using recycled hair parts is something that’s become quite popular in the natural hair community. That’s because it can really help you to section easier and do your hair faster. Yet, while those are great benefits, there are definitely some cons to recycling hair parts. Keep reading to find out what they are.

cons of recycled hair parts

Kimmaytube’s Video on

Before we get into those cons of recycling hair parts, take a look at this video on YouTube where Kimmaytube shares the benefits of using recycled hair parts.

As you can see, using and recycling your hair parts can be very useful. In fact, I did this for many years. I do sometimes use my recycled parts (since they are permanently etched in my head). That brings me to my first con.

Recycling Hair Parts Creates Gaps In Fine Hair

Nothing grates my nerves more than trying to do a style and seeing gaps throughout my hair.

When you part your hair again and again in the same spot, it becomes so permanently “etched” in your scalp, it becomes nearly impossible to “erase” those parts. Your would have to “train” your hair to have no parts and that’s not easy to do once you’ve trained it with parts.

For example, I have a recycled middle parts. Whenever I try to switch up my style, that middle part is difficult to hide. Even when I put my hair up, that part is peaking through.

Now, if you style your hair the same way every day, that may not be as much of a problem for you.

cons of recycling your hair parts
notice the middle part peaking through in the center

This may not be as big of an issue for those with more voluminous hair but for us fine hair sisters with lower density, it can be problematic for styling.

Recycled Parts Can Cause the Appearance of Thinning

Another issue with recycling hair parts in fine hair is closely linked to the above con.

When you have really apparent parts, the hair can look like it’s thinning in that area.

This is more of an issue for those with fine and medium to low density hair.

Recycling Hair Parts May Actually Cause Thinning

This con is definitely something that some may experience, but not all. Nevertheless, it’s something to be aware of so you can pay attention.

I’ve noticed that those areas that I part my hair at again and again, appear a little thinner.

This may be coincidental or perhaps linked to the con above. Yet, it’s something I’ve noticed happening over time.

Creating and recycling your hair parts can definitely help you with the maintenance of your hair. Just be aware of the potential cons so you can switching things up sooner rather than trying later.

cons of recycling hair parts

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