5 of The Cutest Natural Hair Tutorials

If you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration that’s simple to do, look no further! I’ve found some of the cute natural hair tutorials that virtually anyone can do!

frizz free cute natural hair
One of my own cute natural hairstyles

Some of these natural hair tutorials are only adequate for specific lengths of hair but if you find that your hair is too short for a given hairstyle, you can always add some braiding hair.

Before I share the tutorials, let me share my criteria for choosing them:

What Makes a Natural Hair Tutorial Cute?

Now, of course it’s subjective and purely opinion on what makes for a cute natural hair tutorial. For me, its these few criteria that causes the hairstyles to make the cut:

  • It’s easy to do
  • Looks more complicated to do than it actually is
  • The hairstyle looks sophisticated
  • Hairstyle can be worn casually or to a special event. It’s basically versatile!

Now that you know. my criteria for determining if a hairstyle is cute (at least cute enough to share!), let’s get to the styles:

Cute Natural Hair Tutorial by AishCurls on Instagram

This is by far one of the cutest and easiest natural hair tutorials around! It’s so simply and not only does it look sophisticated, it can be worn every day or to a special event:

An Easy Braided Cute Natural Hairstyle by Lavinia Love on YouTube

First off, let me say that choosing any one hairstyle from Lavinia Love would be cute! Some are easier to do than others and this one requires a little braiding skill but you could also sub the braids for flat twists. Either way, I think it’s seriously one of the cutest natural hair tutorials around!


Fusions of Culture Simple Wash Day Hairstyle

Layla aka Fusions of Culture always shares some really cute natural hairstyles on her YouTube channel. This particular style with braids really caught my attention. It’s a little similar to Lavinia Love’s style above but still different. I just love how she plays up braids with a curly ponytail.

YouTube video

Flat Twist Halo Updo w/ Middle Twist by My Natural Sistas

This quick and easy hairstyle is not only quick and easy to do, it’s a definite head turner.

YouTube video

HappyCurlyHappyGirl’s Natural Hair Tutorial

YouTube video

So, which of these cute natural hair tutorials speaks to you the most? I know it’s a touch choice!

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