Holiday Tips and Tricks for Styling Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on December 14th, 2023 at 02:32 pm

Are you looking for easy holiday hairstyles for fine hair? Great me too! Actually while I do have a few cute holiday hairstyles to share, I also have some tips and tricks for styling fine natural hair for the holidays.

holiday hairstyles for fine hair

In spite of the time in which we are living (pandemic days), holiday parties and events continue. In 2020 when it all kicked off, things came to such an abrupt halt that I think everyone is still trying to make up for lost partying time nearly 3 years later!

Before Styling

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, the first step to any good style is prepping the hair. This includes:

  • Making sure your hair is clean and conditioned. Product build up will destroy a style
  • Ensuring your hair is well moisturized and free of frizz
  • Using the right products to set your hairstyle (Examples: holding spray for straight styles, curl enhancer or mousse for curly styles)

Holiday Hairstyling Tips

holiday hairstyling aesthetics

When it comes to styling fine hair, there are few key things to keep in mind:

  • Volume
  • Shine
  • Longevity of the style

The holiday hairstyle you choose to do needs to meet each of these requirements. Well, at least 2 of the 3. Volume is definitely something that would not be factored into many of the holiday hairstyles for fine hair. For example:

Straight Hair vs Curly Hair

While it’s definitely a matter of preference, the choice to wear your hair straight or curly should also be weighed against if you wear your hair up or down.

Consider the humidity of the environment you’ll be in over the holidays. if humidity isn’t concern, a straight style may be a great choice, Especially, if you haven’t straightened your hair in a good while.

That’s my plan. I haven’t straightened my hair in nearly 5 years and it’s high time. My holiday hairstyle will be a style I’ll be doing on my fine natural hair that I typically do when it’s curly:

holiday hairstyling tips for fine hair
Bubble Ponytail

On a regular day, this is just a bubble ponytail. It’s nothing special here but for the holidays I will be straightening my hair to do this style. The one thing that will actually set this hairstyle apart from being an every day style is the accessories.

straightened natural hair for christmas
Here it is straight, although starting to revert some in the front


If I had to give you only one tip, that would be for you accessorize your style. As mentioned above, accessories will take a regular, every day hairstyle and transform it into something special.

Now, you don’t always have to accessorize. Such would be the case when the accessories would dim the light of beautiful curls. However, using hair accessories typically gives most styles that extra bling.

Here are some beautiful and classic hair accessories to consider using to adorn your holiday hairstyle:

How to Decide on What Holiday Hairstyle to Choose

The holiday hairstyle you choose to do on your fine hair should align with the type of event you are attending. If you are going to be doing a lot of dancing and likely sweating, a holiday updo may be in order.

If you plan to attend an event that’s mostly casual socializing, your styling options are abundant. You could wear a straight style, curly style, updo, protective style. Anything would work.

If you attend events that are a mix of the two, you may want to go with a “convertible” type style. A convertible style is one that can transform from down to up (and vice versa) and not miss a beat.

Such an example would be a bomb twist out or braid out turned bun (or French roll) with a side curly bang.

cute holiday hairstyling for fine hair

An option for straight hair could be to put it in a high ponytail and convert it into a bun with pin curls.

pin curl bun

For natural hair, a Curlformers set is beautiful for holiday parties. Like this one:

cute bantu knot out hairstyle
Bantu Knot Out
holiday hair aesthetic

Use these tips for holiday hairstyling fine hair to help you look your best. Plus, if you need some inspiration for gifting those with curly hair (including yourself!), check out this carefully curated Gift Guide for Curly Hair.

Enjoy your hair and the festivities!

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