7 Hair Washing Hacks That will SAVE Fine Hair

I don’t have to tell you how fragile fine hair is. The very acting of washing it can cause damage if you’re not careful. That’s why I put together these 7 hair washing hacks that can literally save fine hair.

hair washing hacks

When you wash your hair, the goal is to get your hair clean and well conditioned so that your hair is healthy and fresh until next wash day.

What is not the goal is damage. Of course, nobody wants that.

Overview of Hair Washing Hacks

So, it’s time to do some things differently. You may be doing one or more of the following hair washing hacks. If not, start incorporating the following into your hair care routine to prevent damage:

1. Pre-Poo with an oil
2. Wash in large loose braids
3. Steam your hair
4. Use products with loads of slip
5. Apply a little conditioner from mid shaft to ends before washing
6. Leave a little conditioner in when rinsing.
7. Use the pressure from the shower stream to detangle

The Details

These steps may seem like a lot but I promise you will find your hair in a much more “protected” state if you do them.

Now, let’s look at each of these hair washing hacks in more detail.

Pre-Poo With An Oil

prepoo before hair washing

The pre-poo is a very important step not to skip on wash day. There’s been much debate about its importance. There are those who say it’s necessary and those who say it’s not.

For the yea’s (myself included), you’ll find plenty of reasons why pre-pooing your hair is of benefit. These benefits include:

  • Hair doesn’t feel as stripped when cleansing
  • Manageability
  • Less tangling (so, less hair breakage)

If you don’t pre-poo and find that you are experiencing breakage or excess tangles when cleansing, add it to your routine pronto, my friend.

For those of us with fine hair that’s already prone to breakage, we appreciate every bit of help we can get with our hair.

Steam Your Hair

hair steamer

Still on par with “saving fine hair, steaming your hair before washing it is not just good for adding moisture (although that’s a win too).

Steaming your hair also helps you to better manipulate your strands for sectioning.

If you have very thin hair (not to be mistaken with fine hair alone), you may be able to skip sectioning but for the majority (medium to high density, fine hair), you want to wash your hair in sections. This also reduces tangles.

Use Products With Slip

products with slip

Make no mistake. Products that have a lot of slip to them will help to prevent breakage during the hair washing process.

If you are using a cleanser that doesn’t have a lot of slip, consider switching to one that does. Cleansing conditioners are usually great for this.

However, if you are one who would prefer to shampoo, here’s a product I highly recommend:

hair washing shampoo

Ominira Naturals Hair Growth Shampoo is like cashmere on your hair. Now, this next statement is going to be a bold claim but…..

I’ve never used a SHAMPOO this luxurious. Paired with their Tangle Slayer, your hair is in for a real treat but I digress. I’ll share much more on Ominira Naturals in the near future.

Back to the hair washing hacks…

Wash in Large Loose Braids

washing hair in braids

In yet, another effort to reduce tangling, wash your hair in large, loose braids versus twists. Braids work better than twists when washing because twists tend to unravel on fine hair.

If you’re going to go through all that trouble to section your hair so you can wash it in those sections, you certainly don’t want your hair unraveling all over the place.

Apply a little conditioner from mid shaft to ends

conditioner hack

This hair washing hack will help protect the cuticles of your hair from stripping when you use shampoo.

If you only use cleansing conditioner, you can skip this. However, it is a good thing to give your hair a good shampooing from time to time. This is especially true if you use a lot of styling products.

Alternatively, you can do a clay wash but adding that conditioner from the middle of the hair shaft down will help with stripping as well.

Use the pressure from the shower stream

hair washing hack

Pressure sounds like such a naughty word but in the context of “pressure” coming from your shower’s head, it’s a great aid to you when you are detangling your hair in the shower.

The shower stream adds just enough “force” (and I use that word in a very targeted manner) to help you with finger detangling in the shower.

As a good “rule” of thumb, apply the 90/10 rule (my measurements). That’s 90% finger detangling FIRST, followed by 10% detangling with a tool like a seamless large tooth comb or a detangling brush like the E-Z Detangler.

Side bar: lots of in quote words because these words are often broadly used but I want to be clear as to the context they are being used.

Leave some conditioner in

conditioner in hair

This hair washing hack is actually a money saver too.

If you leave a little of your rinsing conditioner in, you won’t have to use a leave in conditioner.

I know. Genius right?

I wish I could take credit for that one. I actually learned it back when I was doing the Curly Girl Method.

Which of these hair washing hacks do you plan to do if you aren’t doing them already?
I hope you say all friend!

Don’t forget to pin the images in the post to refer back to later 🙂

hacks for hair washing fine hair

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