5 Things NOT to Do to Fine Hair

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Fine hair mistakes to avoid.

There is not a one size fit all plan to caring for fine natural hair. In fact, nobody can guarantee your hair will thrive by doing XYZ regardless of your hair type. Everyone’s hair is so different down to the DNA of each person’s strand. Yet, there are certain things you should not do.

fine hair mistakes to avoid

Below are five fine hair mistakes to avoid. These are the things that if you have fine hair, you want to steer clear of doing because they will be detrimental or at the very least, a hindrance to the health of your hair.

Teasing and Back Combing

Fine hair often lacks volume. Teasing or back combing can increase or rather, create the illusion of more voluminous hair. However, it’s an awful technique. When you use a comb to tease your hair, what you are really doing is roughing up the cuticle.

The back and forth motion of the comb “rustling” up your hair can be quite damaging. When the cuticle is damaged, your hair will have a difficult time retaining moisture.

If you’re looking for more volume, try one of the fine hair hacks shared here. You’ll also find more fine hair hacks for volume here.

Neglecting Protein Treatments

Using protein in your hair isn’t something that you need to do every wash day. Yet, you also don’t want to go too long without a protein treatment if you have fine hair.

Fine hair generally lacks the inner most layer of thicker strands. It’s called the medulla and it’s the core structure of a hefty strand of hair. Without it, hair is simply more delicate.

Protein treatments help to fortify your hair and protect it. Check out this article which shares why you should not neglect protein treatments:

Why Fine Hair Needs Protein and How to Strengthen It

Wearing The Same Hairstyle for Too Long


Protective styling and low manipulation styling are good practices but you don’t want to overdo them. Keeping a hair style in for too long can cause fine hair to lock up or become more difficult to detangle when the time comes.

For example, if you wear your fine hair in twists and leave them in for too long before detangling, you may discover a lot of webbing at the roots.

Another example is if you do wash and go’s and let your hair go too many days without re-moisturizing or restyling. You may find an increase in single strand knots and incomplete split ends.

Wearing A Bun in The Same Spot

mid height bun

Buns make for great protective styles. However, you don’t want to wear a bun in the exact same spot every time you do it. If you do, you may find yourself with breakage in that area.

The constant styling of a bun (although cute) in the same spot on your head is like doing too much manipulation. Added tension occurs to that area no matter how gentle you are when positioning the bun. It’s closely related to the above fine hair mistake to avoid – wearing the same hairstyle for too long.

Using Oils and Butters to Style

Oils and butters are no doubt very good for keeping hair moisturized. They help to lock in moisture for a set period of time.

However, when styling fine hair with oils and butters results are less than stellar. Fine hair is easily weighed down. Oils and butters will prevent fine hairstyles like curls from looking their best because they weigh the hair down.

Instead of using oils and butters to style with, consider mousses and lightweight creams. Save the oils and butters for maintaining your winter time protective styles.

Fine hair may be fragile by nature but it can still thrive. Avoid these fine hair mistakes and make sure you develop a solid hair regimen that works for your hair.

what not to do to fine hair

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