Beauty Savings Planner Printable for Savings Challenges

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When working on your hair care and other beauty goals, you’ll find that it can cost quite a bit of money. Anything of value actually, can become quite costly. So, I created a beauty savings planner printable filled with savings challenges that will help you to save for all your beauty and self care needs.

beauty savings planner printable

Initially I thought about just creating fun savings challenges and trackers for hair care but I decided to add additional challenges and trackers to help with saving for all beauty needs (and wants). This includes skin care, nail care and so much more.

So, now you have an opportunity to save for it all using a complete workbook designed for doing beauty and self care savings challenges.

A Savings Planner Printable For Low Income Savers Too!

Saving for your beauty and self care goals is now so much more fun and much easier. So, instead of looking at how much products and services cost, just focus on saving for them.

The challenges in this beauty savings planner workbook are perfect for those of all economic classes. It doesn’t matter if you have much money, a little money or if you have a low income or high income.

The challenges and trackers in this savings planner printable are one of the many available budgeting tools that are great for college students as well.

The challenges are designed to help you save a wide range of amounts from $1 to $50 at a time. There are even challenges and trackers where you assign the value to how much you want to save.

Yet, there is no amount over $50 to be saved at any one time – not unless you want to.

Fun Savings Planner Printable for All Your Beauty & Self Care Priorities

savings for self care goals

You can find free printables for your personal use but not any that will cover every one of your financial goals or savings goals across a wide range of personal and self care areas.

This savings planner printable has 20 different pages that are either a fun savings fund tracker or a savings challenge to help you save for:

  • General Beauty – trackers and challenges to save for no specific beauty need. You decide!
  • Hair Care – products, wish list items or services
  • Skin Care – also products, wish list items for services
  • Nail Care – polish for DIY mani/pedis or nail care services
  • Perfume – individual bottles or subscriptions
  • Essential Oils – easily build your essential oil collection (they don’t come cheap!) for your DIY recipes and diffusing
  • Cosmetic Procedures – Nothing wrong with a little nip and tuck! Just don’t go into debt for it
  • Spa Services – Facials and other professional self care treatments
  • Massage Services
  • Candles – Soy candles, Handmade candles, you name it. Candles can be a luxury self care item
  • Self Care – Whatever you deem self care. This could be vitamins, CBD, fancy face serums
  • Luxury Handbags – because a good luxury handbag purchased debt free is true self care!
fun savings planner printable tracker

Where Can I Find Extra Money To Save?

You may be thinking you don’t have enough money to save but I bet if you started to pay closer attention to how you spend, you’ll find some available funds.

The best way to do this is to carefully budget your money. You tell it where to go.

Below I share my budgeting process but for now, let’s look at some sources where you can find extra money to save.

You can find money to save by:

  • Using your regularly monthly income
  • Money from a sinking funds account (a sinking fund is a savings account you use to save money for other goals. You can reallocate these funds.)
  • Your checking account
  • Cash envelopes
  • Cash back received from a credit card
  • Money received from savings apps like Ibotta and Receipt Hog
  • Any extra money you may receive

While it may not seem like saving for beauty and self care is one of those monthly expenses you should invest in, you’ll be surprised at just how important making it a priority is.

How I Budget Each Month


Hair care products is one of my really important expenses that I don’t like to skimp on. It’s also very important to me to have money for self care and wellness items like vitamins and essential oils.

The best ways I’ve found to pay for the things I value and love is to budget for them.

Here’s my 7 step budgeting process:

  1. The first step is to create a plan for my money (personal budget) and record it all on a bill tracker calendar
  2. Automatically send money to my emergency fund right from my paycheck
  3. Track all of my income using an income tracker
  4. Decide how much I’m going to give and set it aside
  5. Use any additional money (after my regular monthly bills have been paid) toward monthly savings and variable expenses
  6. Track my spending on an expense tracker highlighting them with different colors which I reconcile with my budget at the end of the month
  7. Pay any expenses incurred on a credit card (I use 2 credit cards as a financial tool to facilitate paying for things I already have the money for)

I used to use free budget printables to budget with each month but what I discovered is while it’s nice to get free things, you do get what you pay for.

So now, instead of using a free printable budget planner, I use budget printables that I paid for from The Organized Money and a monthly budget planner from The Budget Mom. Neither of these are affiliate links. I’m just sharing what I love, regularly use and paid for.

There’s definitely a difference between a printable monthly budgeting template that you pay for and the ones that you get for free. Same goes for printable savings challenge books.

When Money is Tight

savings planner printable workbook

Lastly, If I were to ever find my income affected, I’d condense my spending plan down to the bare necessities. I’d put a pause on things like:

  • Fun money
  • Dining out
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping

The only thing I’d continue to do is save money while recording it on a savings tracker. I’d also use a savings planner printable with savings challenges to do it.

That’s how important savings is.

I may not be able to save as much and I may not be able to spend the savings on some of my personal goals but that’s the beauty about savings. You don’t spend it unless you have to or want to.

When my financial situation improves, if I didn’t need to spend any of the money saved from the savings challenges, I could then use those funds to pay for the things I value – all without having incurred any debt.

Improve Your Personal Finances With Savings

Revamp your spending habits, take control of your finances and achieve financial freedom when you save for all of your beauty and self care goals. The money challenges in this workbook are a small contribution to help you with your personal expenses but they pack a huge punch.

Being able to save for your hearts desires and not just plumping them on a credit card will truly improve your money management skills.

When you purchase the Beauty and Self Care Savings Planner Printable for just $5, it’s a good idea to add it to your budget binder.

It’s also a great idea to keep the printable templates once you’ve completed your financial savings challenges. Don’t toss them.

This will make it easy for you to stay motivated when you are working hard to save money. You can look back at the trackers and see the exact amount of money you have the capacity to save.

As a final word, I encourage you to do the challenges in this workbook again and again. When funds run low in a given area, start saving for it all over again.

Here’s where you can get your copy of the Beauty & Self Care Savings Planner Printable:

Give Me My Beauty Fund Savings Challenge Printable Workbook!

savings planner printable

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