How to Create Peace in Your Home and Let Down Your Hair

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creating a peaceful home
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I love chaos said no one ever. An orderly home is the stepping stone to a peaceful life.

Curly hair reminds me a lot of being playful. It’s so cute and makes me think of going out to have fun. However, when it comes to relaxation and a peaceful home, I picture straight “relaxed” hair. Quiet, smooth and laid back.

Just a cute little analogy 😉

You bear a lot of responsibility when caring for a loved one with special needs. If you work full time outside of the home, the job is that much harder.

I work full time at a fast paced financial organization during the day. Sometimes throughout the day I need to schedule doctors appointments, arrange for deliveries and more. When I get home I have to take steps to keep my home in order. On top of that, I need to spend some time with my family.

Is Your Environment Working Against You?

If you live this kind of life, sometimes you may feel like your motivation may be very low to keep your home in order. What if your motivation is directly tied to your current surrounding atmosphere? It is you know. When your home is in order, your ability to find peace after a long day is that much easier. Having an orderly home is not a luxury. It’s a requirement.

Creating a peaceful home is important for many reasons. The most important reason is to preserve your sanity. That’s all that matters.

You may sometimes feel like everyone is getting a piece of you. That’s when you have to step back and make sure that your environment is working for you and not against you.

Keys  to Creating an Orderly Home

To create an orderly home, you have to start by fostering an atmosphere of peace. What I’m about to share can be done on a maintenance basis for some. If your home is out of control, you may need to work diligently a little each day to return your home to a sort of homeostasis.

Here are several things you must do to foster peace in your home:

  1. Clear clutter so you can clear your mind
  2. Stabilize room temperatures so you can balance your emotions
  3. Minimize visual and audio stimulation (this one is challenging if you have a house full of little ones; but can be done with help)
  4. Take time out to let down your hair and just relax

Clearing Clutter

The best way to clear clutter is to prevent it from building in the first place. I’m no expert on organizing but having a child with special needs has taught me that clutter is a danger to my sanity. If clutter is a problem in your home on a daily basis, start by creating a checklist of things that tend to get out of place. Check that list at the end of each day.

I don’t recommend multitasking because it prevents you from focusing on a given task. Take some time each day to focus on specific areas. For example, on one day focus on filing papers that have piled up. On another day, focus on de-cluttering a corner of a room.

Stabilize Room Temperatures

When a room is too hot or too cold, its difficult to get comfortable. If you have control of your home’s thermostat system, it will be easy for you. An optimal indoor temperature is 65-70 degrees, depending on what your body prefers.

If your home’s thermostat is controlled by a landlord (like mine), then you’ll need to make good use of room conditioners, air purifiers, fans and air conditioners.

Minimize Video and Audio Stimulation

Your ability to relax and unwind is greatly increased when there is little to nothing going on around you. According to Mattress Clarity, it is important to turn off all electronics when you are aiming to relax and sleep. Check out this article.

Early in the evening before you are ready for bed and just want to start unwinding, minimize the noise in your home and dim bright lights. Try listening to some relaxing music. A nice serene blue light works well too. Even a 10 watt bulb can do the trick. The lighting is dim and you can just sit back and clear your mind.

Letting Down Your Hair to Relax

Spending just a few minutes a day in a peaceful atmosphere can do wonders for your entire being. Take time to focus on yourself. You can take time to dump out all of your toxic thoughts and feelings.

The good thing about being a special needs caregiver is I get to be creative since I need to watch my cash flow. I don’t spend much money or time carving out what I need to help me keep my sanity and neither should you.

Here are some other items that you can use to create a peaceful home:

  • Soft cushy pillows
  • A sounds of nature CD
  • An aromatherapy diffuser (here’s the one I use: SpaRoom Aromafier Ultrasonic Diffuser)
  • Essential Oils (I like to blend Sweet Orange and Lavender)
  • Chamomile or Peppermint tea

We’re not looking for perfection in ever day life. God no. It’s nearly impossible – especially if you’re a special needs mom. Yet, if you can do a little each day and take time for yourself regularly, you can enjoy a peaceful home; a home where you can let down your hair and just…..relax. Wooosah!

How do you maintain a peaceful home. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. These are all great tips, Michelle. It seems like as soon as I finish one task, another comes up. It’s never a time when everything is done and in complete order, so I must accept that first. My home is not gonna be perfect. Jj’s legos will be in the carpet no matter how many times I pick them up lol.

    I never ever thought about stabilizing the room temps. I must try that today and see if it helps. And I will be checking into the Aromafier Diffuser you mentioned as well.

    Thanks for the tips, Michelle!

  2. Awesome Tips!!!

    I am currently trying to figure out how to create order amongst all of the stuff that we have! Its been a chore but its coming along slowly!!! But the one thing that I have learned is to make time for myself and that makes all the difference in the world!!! No matter how much clutter there is, if I can get a few moments of silence to be in my thoughts I am good…I can pray and handle the rest of the day!!!

    1. amen to that! Self time is so important otherwise, we wind up feeling resentful of the other things around us.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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