The Shingling Method on Fine Natural Hair

There’s no doubt. The shingling method gives your curls the most defintion possible when doing a wash and go. It takes a looooooong time to do but it’s well worth it for super defined curls.

shingling fine natural hair

Yet, for those of us with fine natural hair, the shingling method can also make our hair look like limp noodles!

So, how do you achieve a successful wash and go on fine hair using this method of defining your curls?

Here are a few tips for shingling fine natural hair:

I. Use minimal products

You want your curls to be able to move so don’t layer too many products on your strands. For this wash and go, I only used my styler (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie + Curl Prep Around the Way Gel).

II. Use lightweight products

Piggybacking on #1, while using minimal products, you also want them to be lightweight enough so that your hair has movement.

The Curl Enhancing Smoothie not only defines curls wonderfully when applied to soaking wet hair. It contains beneficial oils of Avocado, Neem, and Coconut. These oils combined are still quite lightweight on the hair. This product also doubles as a leave in conditioner and styler. This is why I ditched my normal leave in conditioner and oil sealant.

Curl Prep’s Around the Way Gel has been my boo for a while. It’s a very moisturizing lightweight gel containing goat’s milk. So, it serves to provide fine hair with strength, shine and definition without weighing it down. No matter how much of this gel I slather onto my hair, it never builds up. It’s as if it’s just penetrating right into my strands.

wash and go products
I co-washed with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa conditioner before shingling my curls

III. Use the Plopping Method

The plopping method is a technique that helps to accelerate drying time while helping your curls to stay defined while drying .

IV. Pineapple Dry Hair Over Night

The pineapple is simply a high ponytail. It can be secured with a satin scrunchie or just a satin scarf. Here’s a way to make the pineapple work or you. The result will be slightly stretched curls #combatshrinkage.

The pineapple method can be done on all hair lengths. If your hair is short, create more than one pineapple ponytail (for ex: 2one in the back and one in the front).


V. Spritz on a Hair Refresher

Why? Your curls are newly set.

If your fine curls are looking limp from shingling, spritz on a little curl refresher to the ends of your hair and scrunch upwards. This will encourage the curls to shrink up a little, providing some volume to the ends.

Have you tried the Shingling Method?

A Prayer for Our Hair:

Dear God, help us to discover the best technique for defining our curls that they may look their best. In Jesus Name. Amen


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