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6 Best Hair Tips that Will Give You Healthier Better Hair

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020 at 08:35 pm

Every new year, as human beings what do we usually do? We look for ways to improve upon or make changes in our lives. Many of us ladies start looking for the latest hair tips for healthier hair at home. We don’t want to spend money. We want to DIY it. Well, at least many of us do.

healthy hair tips

Usually, we look for ways to achieve better health in the form of resolutions like losing all this weight in like 5 days. No lie.

It sounds ridiculous but what other reason could there be for the masses giving up on their so called resolutions before January is even up just because they aren’t seeing results right away?

Ok. So, that may be the case for things like getting fit but it also happens with those on a hair journey to longer, healthier hair at home. Hence, we start searching online for hair tips that will help us get better hair.

Follow These Tips for Healthier Hair at Home Consistently for Results

That’s why I felt it imperative to provide you with tips for healthy hair at home (the best ones). These will keep you going beyond the first month of each new year.

Embrace these hair tips seriously and practice them consistently for better hair.

This goes for ladies with fine hair, thin hair, thick hair, healthy or unhealthy. It’s never too late to turn things around. Let’s go.

1- Keep your hair care product selection slim AND targeted

If you have certain hair issues to give attention to like moisture maintenance or volume, look to regularly use and maintain hair care products in your arsenal that specifically address those concerns. What good is a hair product if it doesn’t do what you need it to do?!

Also, focus consistently on using no more than 2 or 3 products in a given category. These categories include your cleansers, conditioners, treatments, and stylers.

Using a ton of different hair products from various brands does nothing to help you hone in what’s working best in your hair. Being a product junkie causes quite a bit of confusion actually.

Achieving healthy hair at home without the help of seeing a regular professional is next to impossible when you are loading it up with tons of products that may or may not be working.

Plus, you will be wasting lots of money. Those products will spoil because you won’t have enough time to use them. You just have too many other products to use at your disposal.

Targeted products to cleanse your hair

To provide an example on maintaining hair products within a given category, let’s look at cleansing.

The recommendation for that category is to have 1 clay (bentonite, rhassoul also known as ghassoul or kaolin), 1 shampoo and 1 Co-wash product in your arsenal. This will allow for flexibility in how you clean your hair without creating confusion. The exception is with using clays to cleanse your hair.

Green Beauty on YouTube shared a fascinating and very informative video on how you can use all three clays to create an insanely effective clay wash:

YouTube video

2- Be consistent with following a hair care regimen

Whatever that is for your hair, do it consistently. For example I choose to wash my hair weekly (biweekly from time to time). I also deep condition after every single wash (it’s a rarity not to because of consistency).

Then, there’s the Pre-poo. I pre-poo before every single wash.

For protein treatments, I use protein to maintain strength no less than every other wash. Maybe your hair is at its best following these hair care routines at different time intervals. Whatever that is (sorry, you have to figure out what’s best for your hair), just be consistent.

Consistency help you to achieve your healthiest head of hair possible.

hair care regimen for healthy hair

3- Don’t neglect at least two trims per year

Trims serve to keep your ends neat and in good condition. Trimming twice a year is adequate if you aren’t abusing your hair with heat, harsh styling tools or over manipulation. You may opt to self trim over getting a professional trim or split your trimming between the two. If you self trim at home, you risk making your hair uneven.

Yet, the choice is yours. It may not matter to you if you wear your hair in a curly state more often than not. Just make sure you do it or get it done.

Keeping your ends healthy will allow your hair to flourish and your styles will come out looking much better.

4- Do less with and to your hair

Hair is a fiber and it must be preserved. By keeping this hair tip at the forefront of your thinking every time you go to style your hair, you will be reminded of that fact. The colder months should make this much easier. Protective styling is an effective practice for preserving your hair. It’s particularly popular (and easy to do) during this time.

protective style

5- Moisturize regularly (varies for everyone)

It can be as simple as spraying your hair with water and layering a light weight oil over it. There’s quite a few ways to get moisture into your hair. You may have heard of the LOC, LCOC and LCO methods. These are very popular methods for moisturizing and sealing that moisture into natural hair.

There has been a bit of debate about if these methods are actually effective. In my personal experience trying each of the methods, the LCO method is most effective during the colder months. And, the LOC method works well when the temperatures are warm out.

loc method for moisturizing natural hair infographic

6- Strengthen with protein as needed AND prophylactically

If you hair ever gets to the point of excessive breakage, you’ll need protein to strengthen it. However, if you use light protein treatments prophylactically, it will help you with maintaining your hair. That includes its strength and elasticity when balanced with moisture.

Strong, flexible, moisturized strands = Healthy Hair.

These tips for healthier hair at home will help you to achieve better hair but only when followed with consistency for it’s the key to helping you meet all of your hair goals.

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  1. Nsae_nsae says:

    I got 4 out of 6 !!! Hmm is it pass?? I can definitely step up my game if I want to reach my goal! I need to moisturize regularly + be more consistent with my hair regimen!

    1. ha ha is it a pass? Only you can answer that. When you evaluate your hair, if its dull and lacking in flexibility, you likely need to focus on deep conditioning more. Consistency is the key to everything 🙂

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