When Fine Hair Begins to Snap, Crackle and Pop

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:02 pm

snapping and breaking hair

You’ve got more than enough challenges to deal with when caring for your fine natural hair. The thin hairs are one thing and density issue is bad enough. Your hair can barely hold a style and now this. You certainly aren’t smiling like the Rice Krispie kids!


Hair is snapping off at the ends or even at the roots. The tensile strength is basically non-existent. Your elasticity needs to be addressed.


That crackling sound. You know. It’s the burning that usually comes from the use of heat stylers. Burning fried hair. Please Just Stop. You don’t need any help here. Just stop with the flat irons and blow dryers. Damaged hair can’t be fixed but you can mitigate the damages and protect your new growth.


Closely related to “Snap,” the culprit is breakage and it’s occurring mainly at the ends of your hair.

What’s a girl to do?

wash and go

Protein + Moisture Balance

When your hair is snapping and breaking off due to dryness or excessive heat styling, the only way to stop it is to get a healthy dose of protein to your strands. Protein treatments temporarily fill in gaps along the hair shaft and also serve to further strengthen the hair.

Protein alone won’t do it though. When protein is added to your hair, it can often cause the hair to feel hard and brittle, leading to more breakage. Seems counterproductive doesn’t it?

Protein must always be balanced with moisture. A moisturizing deep conditioner will soften hair that may not feel as soft after a protein treatment. Balance is the key to healthy strands of hair that don’t snap off and break.

Back pedaling just a bit, don’t forget the pre-poo. The Pre-poo is your first line of defense against dryness and protection from protein/moisture loss. Using a pre-poo that simultaneously moisturizes and improves your hair’s elasticity is what you’ll want to use.

In addition to strengthening and balancing your fine natural hair with protein treatments and moisturizing deep conditioners, it’s imperative to drink enough water (1/2 your body weight in ounces daily) and consume a healthy diet that includes good sources of protein like eggs, chicken, beans and fish.

Recommended Pre-Shampoo Treatment:

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Recommended protein treatment products:

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Recommended deep conditioners:

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A Prayer for Our Hair

Dear Lord, thank you for helping to restore and maintain the proper balance of protein and moisture to every strand of fine hair. Your blessings are appreciated. In Jesus Name. Amen


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  1. Have you considered trying Shea Moisture’s Low-Porosity Protein Free Shampoo /conditioner and detangler?

    1. How coincidental the you mention that because when I got my hair done this past week, my new hairstylist recommended it. It seems that while there are sections of my hair that are normal porosity, my entire middle areas is low porosity. I’m going to pick this up and see how my hair reacts with it. Have you tried it?

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