When It’s Time to Revisit Your Staple Hair Products

staple hair products

Your staple hair products are no longer working.

Your staple hair products are not helping you to reach your hair goals.

Your hair is no longer responding to those favorite hair products the way it once used to.

There’s a number of reasons you should consider revising the hair products you’re calling your “staples.” It could be that your products are no longer working because the products have been reformulated. Consider that your hair goals may be changing or maybe your hair’s needs have changed.

Tweaking Your Hair Regimen

Since I recently saw a hairstylist, I discovered that I need to tweak my regimen a bit, specifically how I go about what products to use and when.

I was actually on to something before I had my hair professionally evaluated and cut. I shared an article on Hair Mistakes I will no longer make and one of those mistakes is using various products from different lines. This can throw off your hair’s pH balance if you’re not careful.

The exception to that would be the use of all natural single ingredient products, like Shea butter, Mango Butter, Clays for washing, and oils like olive, coconut, castor etc. These can typically pair well with your leave in conditioners, moisturizers and other hair treatments.

I’ll share more about my new staple hair products in a future post but for now all i want you to take away from this writing is two things:

1- It’s OK to change your staple hair products from time to time

2- Always be on the look out for ingredient changes in your favorite products. These changes could identify the cause of any new hair challenges that have arisen and in turn, the products may no longer be adequate to care for your hair.

3- Tweaking your hair regimen with new products can be a great learning experience and fun too!

A Prayer for Our Hair

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the various natural elements you’ve provided to help us care for our hair. Help us to identify those products that work and don’t work In Jesus Name. Amen


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