My Fine Natural Hair Non-Negotiables

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

You’ve heard people say “rules were made to be broken.” Perhaps in some circles but when it comes to growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair, there are some non-negotiable rules for fine hair that should not be broken. At least, not in my book.

Of course, there will be some who differ. To each his or her own.

I’ve been a fine haired natural for over 20 years (I stopped counting) and I’ve discovered that there are some things that if I neglect to do them, my hair suffers. Then, there are some things that if I DO them, my hair suffers.

So, I’ve had to come up with some non-negotiable hair practices that if followed, my fine natural hair will flourish. I’m sharing them with you because if you have hair similar to mine (check out my fine hair characteristics here), these may help you as well.

Before we get into my non-negotiables, I want to point out that these routines and hair practices are complimented with what I share on how to organize your hair care.

You can have all the hair care methods at your disposal but it will be difficult to do them regularly if you are undisciplined in other aspects of your hair care. Now for my non-negotiable hair practices.

Regular Protein Treatments

If you have fine hair that’s prone to breakage, regular protein treatments are like liquid gold. You’ll want to fortify your hair with protein on a regular basis.

I like to do a DIY Goat Milk Conditioning Treatment but when I don’t have time to DIY, using a treatment with silk protein is great as this type of protein leaves your hair feeling strong but also soft and smooth.

See also: Goat Milk benefits for natural hair

Using protein in my hair at set intervals of time is one of those non-negotiable “rules” for fine hair that I am a stickler for. Neglecting protein in my hair routine causes my hair to become weak and break.

Very Low Manipulation

low manipulation hair care

When you have fine hair, the less you handle it the better.

Because hair is a delicate fiber, the more you touch it, the more wear and tear you cause to it. For those with fine hair, it’s the most delicate of fibers.

This is where protective styling is very helpful. Once you set your hair in a protective style, you don’t have to handle it every day, thereby employing low manipulation.

Oiling My Nape Hair

oil to prevent tangling

While oiling your hair may not seem like a non-negotiable rules for fine hair, I’ve made it so for mine.


I’ve discovered that the hair in my nape area is very prone to tangling. Oiling that section of hair keeps it from tangling. Less tangling equals less breakage.

I like to oil my hair 2-3 times a week. Usually this is done when I do my scalp massages.

There are other hair routines that I focus on regularly but I wouldn’t consider them non-negotiable. things like deep conditioning and trimming. Yes I do both but I will skip a deep conditioning session once in a while if I happen to be short on time. It doesn’t affect my hair much as long as I don’t make it a habit to skip.

I also have no specific hair trimming routine. I just do it when my hair needs it.

Using Herbs in My Hair

Lastly, the one non-negotiable rule for fine hair isn’t exactly a rule. It’s a personal practice that I’ve made as a rule for myself.

I’ve discovered the many benefits of herbal hair care. To stop using herbs in my hair now would just be foolish. My fine hair is so much healthier, richer and thicker than it was when I wasn’t using them.

Unlike those hair routines that I may skip from time to time (albeit not often), the non-negotiable rules for fine hair that I just shared are the routines and practices that I don’t skimp on.

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