Why Use All Natural Hair Products?

Last updated on June 20th, 2020 at 11:18 pm

Being aware of how much safer natural hair products are for your health in general. Natural hair care lines that are great for those who aren’t DIYers

natural hair products

It’s not about styling. It’s about health. I have seen a number of naturals say that natural products just don’t work for them. However, I don’t think it’s a reference to caring for the hair. It’s more about styling the hair. Yet, what’s more important – styled hair or healthy hair? With natural hair products, you can definitely achieve the latter.

Parabens, sulfates and other chemicals are mainstay ingredients in non-natural products. They can greatly affect your health. When you use hair products containing these ingredients, there’s the danger of the chemicals absorbing through your scalp. For ex: my sister would get high blood pressure right after a relaxer treatment. The active ingredient in relaxers is SODIUM hydroxide. In the case of parabens, it’s been found that these chemicals can mimic estrogen and disrupt the body’s hormonal system. Parabens have been found in cancerous tumors. Sulfates are used to clean car engines. It’s a very harsh detergent which can severely dry out your hair and skin.

You may not want to completely eliminate all hair products with chemicals but it’s good to at least know how different chemicals can affect your health. Then, you can make an informed decision. In small doses, some chemicals in hair products are deemed safe. Still, you need to be informed.

Now, I get that all natural products may not be able to accomplish all of your styling goals. You may not get the bossiest twist out or braid out with a single ingredient natural  product but there are so many natural lines with cruelty free and safe ingredients. Why not do the research and test them out? There are many. Some have a very small amount of preservative in them and some use all natural preservatives.

A few I can think of:

Kinky Kashmere

Shea Moisture (available at Target, Walgreen’s, drug stores & beauty supply stores)


Wonder Curl

As I Am (available at Target, drug stores & beauty supply stores)

Eden Bodyworks (available at some drug stores & beauty supply stores)

SDot Beauty

Jane Carter Solutions (available at Target, Walgreen’s, drug stores & beauty supply stores)

This is a very small list of product lines. If you aren’t into being a mixtress (I can relate), these product lines are a great solution if you are looking to dump the Miss Jessie’s and other heavily chemical based hair product lines of the world. (sorry if you are a Miss Jessie’s fan. I’ve just never hated a product line as much as this one)

Do you use all natural hair products, almost natural or does it matter to you?

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  1. I definitely agree with you, Michelle; if you have healthy hair, styling won’t be much of a problem. I have wavy hair myself and has tried various products to make it healthier. Oftentimes, whenever I go to salons for a haircut, they would always offer to perm my hair. I would gladly refuse each and every time. I love my wavy hair, and I would not subject it to torture by bombarding it with chemicals. Love the hair your in!

    1. hi dylann, it amazes me how many salons just don’t “respect” the way our hair grows out of our scalps. I had one tell me my hair was too frizzy because it wasn’t straight enough……for her smh

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