Better Than Chocolates is Not Neglecting Your Self Care

Do you know how powerful a wellness toolbox worksheet can be in your collection of self care tools? Especially on a day like Valentine’s Day when people are celebrating what’s supposed to be love. Love shouldn’t just be about how you feel about another person. It should also include how you feel about and care for yourself.

Heartfelt Beginnings or Dark History?: Unraveling the History of Valentine’s Day

facts about valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a day that traditionally symbolizes a celebration of love and affection. Rooted in historical and cultural traditions, this day, February 14th has evolved into an occasion to express romantic feelings and appreciation for those who are near and dear to us.

Most people think that Valentine’s Day started out with romantic love and then morphed into including friendship love. But, oh contrare. Many people don’t know the actual true history of Valentine’s day.

I won’t go into all of the deep dark details on the history of Valentine’s Day. However, I provided a resource at the end of this article should you want to know all the details. You can read more about it in the references section below.

Helpful Tools for Women’s Emotional Health

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I’m not going to tell you to forget celebrating Valentine’s Day as we know it in the States. I am going to suggest that you put more effort toward a bit of self love. How? By arming yourself with wellness tools like this Women’s Self-Care Toolkit.

It’s time to take responsibility for your self care and build up your own wellness recovery action plan. The reason I call it an action plan is because it’s a gold mine of wellness tools. You can use these tools any time you are feeling neglectful of your own self care. You can also use the printable worksheets in the toolkit to craft your own action plan for staying on top of your self-care activities.

The Women’s Self Care Toolkit

wellness toolbox worksheets

Within this toolkit, you’ll discover a meaningful wellness toolbox worksheet to be a companion on your journey of self-care which you can use on a daily basis.

Let’s redefine the celebration of Valentine’s Day and prioritize the most important relationship after your relationship with God – the one you have with yourself.

You’ll find more than one helpful wellness toolbox worksheet PDF In the Women’s Self Care Tool Kit including:

  • Ultimate Women’s Self Care Checklist – provides a list of physical health, mental health, and spiritual health recommendations as well as beauty tasks for your daily routine. PLUS, it offers reminders for the appointments you need to make at certain times with your health care providers
  • Last Time I…Printable Self Care Tracker – will help you to track of all your wellness tasks that you don’t do very often
  • List of 45 Self Care Activities – these are ideas of the types of self care activities you can track on the “Last Time I” did something tracker
  • Self Care Necessities List – an exhaustive list of all the emotional wellness items you need to perform your total self care
  • Coloring Booklet –  Because coloring can be very soothing even when you are experiencing chronic stress
  • Life Wheel – Wellness wheels provide a holistic view of your well being 
  • DIY Self Care Recipes Template – this template will help you to keep track of the recipes you like to use or would like to try for DIY hair, skin and body care
  • Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Tracker – a tracker for keeping up with the words of inspiration and motivation that you come across in your daily life that have had an impact on you
  • Sheet of 16 essential oils – includes the scent profiles of the oils, how to use them, and where to purchase them. It also offers simple recipes for combining the oils in a diffuser for:
    • Pleasant Smelling Air
    • Deodorizing Air
    • Promoting Relaxation
    • Uplifting Your Senses
    • Providing Clarity of Thought

More Than Paper Worksheets

The Women’s Self Care Toolkit is more than just a bunch of sheets of paper. It is one of the new tools on the block. You can use it to help you prioritize your self care. 

Most importantly, it also includes a complimentary audio download. This download is a private podcast with a different audio clip explaining each of the self-care activities and resources.

You can use this toolkit digitally or print it and keep it at the front of your binder or personal planner. Also don’t forget this with the female friends and family members you know of who need help prioritizing their self care. Sharing is caring 🫶🏾

Nurturing Your Well Being with Wellness Worksheets

wellness worksheet to nurture well being

Valentine’s Day aside, you’ll also benefit from having certain wellness toolbox worksheets ready for use in times such as these:

  • Needing Stress Relief and Relaxation: Modern life often brings stress and pressures.This self-care toolkit for women includes resources to help you manage stress, such as the relaxing essential oil recipes and soothing activities. Each will foster a sense of calm and resilience.
  • Wanting Times of Personal Reflection: The Life Wheel will help you to evaluate each area of your life.
  • Desiring the Feeling of Empowerment: Building a self-care toolkit is an empowering process that allows women to take control of their well-being. Engaging in self-care activities like coloring not only boosts confidence, it encourages self-reflection, and promotes a positive self-image.
  • Needing a Second Brain: The checklists and trackers help you remember what you need to do to care for your emotional health, physical health and spiritual health. Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed, you can forget even the most important, seemingly little things. You know, things like when you changed your toothbrush last! 
  • Desiring to Be More In Touch With Yourself: Wellness worksheets provide you with the structure needed to personalized your own approach to well-being. The first step is, they allow you to assess the different aspects of your daily life. Then, you can identify those very areas that require your attention.  When it’s all said and done, you can then create a tailored plan for improving your overall well-being. This truly can help you to foster a sense of empowerment and ownership over your own well-being, which ultimately helps you to be more in touch with yourself.

Support your wellness and self care by purchasing the Women’s Self Care Toolkit here.

Dark History of Valentine’s Day

Why Track Self Care?

For self-help books to compliment your wellness toolbox worksheets, the best one I can recommend is The Holy Bible. There’s no other depression workbook or other tool that can help you overcome mental health issues like the Word of God.

I also highly recommend the Christian self-help books provided by In Touch ministries. Most of the books were written by the late Dr. Charles Stanley, a true man of faith.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The resources shared were created to help you deal with the challenges of stresses in general but are not meant to diagnose or treat a condition. Please always seek the services of your doctor or other health care professional. if you are looking for mental health professionals to deal with issues such as manic depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts, any form of trauma or mental health condition, please connect with your primary care physical for a referral.

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