Must-Have Hairstyling Book for Stretched & Straight Natural Hair Styles

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Black women with kinky hair have the most versatile hair on the planet. We can do our hair in stretched, straight or pressed natural hair styles, blow outs and more. Whether you’re a curly queen, coily hair enthusiast, or somewhere in between, doing pressed natural hair styles offers a stunning array of possibilities for every hair type.

book for pressed natural hair styles

Long gone are the days that we need to put a chemical relaxer in our hair to stretch out our kinks and curls.

While the use of heat isn’t recommended on a regular basis, you can use it as a tool from time to time to transform regular hair into something, well…. different.

Notice I didn’t say better. Natural hair is beautiful all on its own. It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, long hair, medium length hair, thick hair, or fine hair.  

Natural hair, black hair textures are just versatile! 

In just a short while, you’ll find just a small sampling of straight natural hair styles that you can do on just about any length of hair.

These are among many in a book of over 20 different hairstyles that can be done on stretched, blown out or straight natural hair.

Are There Really Any New Natural Hairstyles?

Before I share some of the hairstyles from the book, let me preface by saying there isn’t anything really that new under the sun. There’s likely not one hair style you haven’t seen done before in some way. 

What makes a hairstyle unique, making it a “new style” is a couple of things:

  • Putting a new spin on a classic foundational style (for example, a messy bun or sleek ponytails) – doing it different ways
  • How you accessorize (for example, using a decorative hair tie or hair clips)

Styling Your Natural Hair Texture When Straight

Styling straight natural hair opens up a ton of possibilities. Doing so allows you to display the full versatility and beauty of your natural hair.

Here are some key points to keep in mind for achieving fabulous straight natural hair styles:

  • Don’t Neglect Heat Protection: Before applying heat to your hair, always use a high-quality heat protectant to protect your strands from potential damage.
  • For best straight hair results: Straighten your hair by working in small sections. This allows thorough heat distribution for sleek hair.
  • Protective style: Even though your hair is straight, that doesn’t mean you need to wear it out the entire time. You can still protect your ends from breaking while also preserving your pressed style.
  • Accessorize: Just like when styling your natural hair, to give the hairstyle your own personal flair, you must accessorize. Remember, there are no new styles under the sun. There’s only classic foundational styles that have a new spin put on them. This is definitely something that can be done by accessorizing.

So you got your natural curls done in one of those silk presses most naturals like to do when the weather finally cools?

Yet, you don’t really know what do do with your naturally curly hair now that it’s straight. So, you go in search of a YouTube tutorial or scanning through Pinterest.

You want a fun style but should you do so in protective styles? Half up-half down?

Perhaps you didn’t use a flat iron to straighten your hair. Maybe you used a blow dryer to stretch out your curls from their natural state.

Either way, you need some cute and most important, EASY hair styles to do. Well, I’ve got you covered!

If you don’t have much time going on a hunt for simple hairstyles, the resource shared below is for you. And, while the the styles are done mostly on long straight hair, most lengths can achieve these styles.

A Protective Pressed Natural Hair Style

pressed natural hair style

You may love to wear your hair in straight hairstyles but don’t actually want to wear it out. Length retention and your hair’s health are your main goal even when you’re rocking straight strands. That’s ok.

This hairstyle is perfect for when you want a wavy silk press hairstyle that’s also protective. This is one those protective hairstyles that can worn on any occasion. You can do it with a side part or you can opt for a middle part for a slightly different look. (The book shows all angles of this style)

If you have been straightening your hair on a regular basis, it will mold into this style much easier just like naturally straight hair would. Also, when you take it down, you’ll have beautiful soft waves.

In the book: 20+ Hairstyles for Blown Out and Straight (Pressed) Natural Hair, you’ll discover how to create this style and bring your own flair to it.

Low Manipulation Straight Natural Hair Style

low manipulation straight hairstyle
back of style in progress

If you’re anything like me, you like to straighten your hair from time to time but you don’t want to do too much to style it. You know that over-manipulation is a recipe for hair breakage.

After all, you already put heat on your hair. That was enough “stress” on your natural hair texture to begin with.

So, you either put your newly pressed natural hair into a ponytail or you go on a hunt for natural silk press hairstyles to inspire you.

You don’t have to look far for a natural silk press hairstyle. You’ll find inspiration all over the web. Yet, what you want is one that doesn’t require you to handle your hair too much.

​Cute but effortless.

This low manipulation carefree style covers both: cute ✔️effortless ✔️

There’s others just like it in this hairstyle book for straight and stretched natural hair.

Hairstyle for Blown Out Hair

long natural hair

So you have a WFH lifestyle? Me too!

I had worked from home on Fridays before the pandemic started but now I’m full on 100% working from home. One thing I discovered is it’s so easy to just get up for work and just stay in your PJs all day.

Hair is still wrapped up in the satin scarf (assuming it didn’t fall off at night) and the very thought of styling it… well, only if hopping on a Webex.

Can you relate?

Well, that’s no way to live. OK well sometimes. However, taking time to style your hair is a great way to feel like you are still participating in life, even though you have a WFH lifestyle.

For us work from home employees, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to straighten our hair just so we can do pressed natural hair styles. Yet, we also don’t want to deal with tangling so blowing out the hair is more feasible. This is why I’m typically a blow stretched natural.

To prep for the style you see above, it’s really simple. I follow my regular wash day routine:

  • Pre-poo (ensuring full coverage of my hair oil by applying in small sections)
  • Shampoo to remove product buildup from my previous style
  • Proceed with using a deep conditioning hair mask on towel-dried hair under a shower cap and my deep conditioning cap
  • Rinse and apply my leave-in conditioner
  • Proceed with my regular blow-dry process
  • Style!

FUN FACT: The braids in the front section of this style were created from a base of what some would call curtain bangs! All in the book, my friend 😉

What’s Next?

There you have 3 of over 20 beautiful hairstyles found in the book of hairstyle for stretched or straight natural hair.

Two can be done after you’ve had a hair straightener like a hot comb or flat iron applied to your hair (perfect for straight hair naturals).

The other is for black women like myself who like to have smooth strands but want less risk of heat damage.

If you don’t like to use too much heat on your hair then, perhaps pressed natural hair styles aren’t for you. You can still do these hair styles on stretched or blown out hair.

So, just use a blow dryer like my favorite dryer here.

The good news is there are many hairstyling options that work for each.

In 20+ Hairstyles for Blown Out and Straight Natural Hair you’ll discover more than one idea for pressed natural hair styles and blown out natural hair styles. You may even find that you want to make a few of these your go-to styles!

Whatever you end up doing, if you are going to put any heat on your hair at all (be it a flat iron or other hair straightener), again please protect your natural texture by using a heat protectant (preferably infused with natural oils).

Grab 20+ Hairstyles for Blown Out and Straight Natural Hair today.

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